The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas Celebrates National Martini Day

Esteemed bartender Keith Cash shares guest favourites, and shakes & stirs in style with new Stubbs & Wootton signature shoes
June 16, 2023,
Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas is the place to be on National Martini Day, June 19, or whenever one is seeking a signature martini - shaken, or stirred. The Resort’s lobby level Martini Bar and Lounge is named for the signature martinis on the menu, and pays homage to the 2006 blockbuster James Bond movie Casino Royale, which features scenes filmed in the classy Martini Bar. Set up as a cosy living-room style lounge, with deep sofas and chairs surrounding the intimate four-seater bar, decor includes a black grand piano, silver-framed photos of famous guests over the years, and views of the turquoise Atlantic Ocean just beyond Martini Bar’s wall of windows.

Lead bartender Keith Cash, who has been employed with The Ocean Club for 37 years, makes thousands of martinis each year. Cash estimates he serves approximately 40 martinis a night, sometimes more. “Guests love to come in and experience what they saw in the movie,” he says. “It’s a big draw. When they’re here, they always want to try the Vesper.”

The Vesper Martini includes three measures of Gordon’s gin, one of vodka, and half of Lillet Blanc, with lemon.  “Guests are curious how strong it’s going to taste,” notes Cash, explaining that the real secret is in the preparation. “When you shake the mixture hard over ice, it breaks down the gin, and gives it a smoother taste.”

Another favourite martini of choice for guests at The Ocean Club is the Chocolate Martini.  Cash notes the taste is so smooth and delicious because of the Mr. Boston Creme de Cacao liqueur combined with vanilla vodka, and premium chocolate. “I use 66 percent dark chocolate, melted down. I paint the rim of each glass with the chocolate, roll it in chocolate nibs and chill until hardened, pouring the drink in a chilled glass for a beautiful presentation.”

The Passionfruit Chili Martini is also a hit, made with fresh passionfruit, fresh lime juice, vanilla vodka, and chili flakes to lend a hint of spice. Cash estimates 30 of the fruits are used each day to make the drink mixture, and stresses that martinis always taste better when the freshest ingredients are used. “We use fresh lemons in the Vesper, and we are using fresh passionfruit and limes. Using authentic ingredients really impacts the flavour,” he notes.

The martinis are all priced at USD 24, with one exception: the extravagant Caviar Martini, USD 100. Served with a delicate spoon of Beluga caviar atop the chilled martini glass rim and made with ultra-premium Beluga Vodka, for caviar lovers, this is what martini dreams are made of.

The Resort recently launched a line of bespoke shoes in partnership with Palm Beach, Florida based Stubbs & Wootton, and global tastemaker Whitney Robinson. One of the custom #FSOceanClubStubbs designs is a dressy black velvet slipper, with the words “shaken” on one shoe and “stirred” on the other, in an elegant white embroidery. The shoes, the perfect souvenir of one’s Martini Bar experience or a fabulous gift idea for the martini lover, can be purchased on site at the Resort or online at Stubbs & Wootton.

The Martini Bar is open daily 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and is open to the public to stop in and experience a signature cocktail.