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Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach

  • 2800 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, Florida, 33480, U.S.A.

Shaw Coté

Spa Director
“My goal is that every spa-goer finds their own personal oasis of space and time here, where every moment can be perfect, nourishing, transformative and precious.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2017
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Spa Director, Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Employment History

  • Four Seasons Resort Lanai; Healing Arts Center & Spa at Cavallo Point – The Lodge at the Golden Gate, San Francisco; Evergreen Chiropractic Center, Seattle


  • Yerington, Nevada, USA


  • City College of San Francisco; University of Nevada

Languages Spoken

  • English

A true proponent of wellness, it is Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach Spa Director Shaw Coté’s wealth of knowledge, experience and passion that drive him to make Palm Beach the most idyllic, zen-centric spa destination in South Florida.

His mission, to democratise wellness, has a positive effect on every guest he so warmly welcomes to paradise, explaining “in our everyday lives, we often don't take enough time to nurture ourselves, to heal and repair, to take enough rest and refuge, or even just be in the moment to fully celebrate the joys of our lives.” His hope for all who visit the spa? That they “have the opportunity to create a personal oasis of space and time where every moment can be perfect, nourishing, transformative, and precious.” In a matter of months after arriving to Palm Beach, he has achieved just that including a brand-new line up of inspired, tailor-made spa and salon experiences at the Resort’s Five Star sanctuary.

Born in Yerington, Nevada, Coté spent most of his life on the west coast, living in Reno, Seattle, San Francisco and most recently, Lanai. Ready for a change after a decade in marketing and public relations, he made a pivot and never looked back, noting “life changed the moment I discovered the power of massage therapy, teaching me how to trust and tap into my intuition - it’s stuck with me ever since.”

Coté’s first foray into the health and wellness industry was at Seattle’s Evergreen Chiropractic Center in 2007, where he also became a Certified Exercise Instructor. In 2008, he began what would become a nine-year appointment at the Healing Arts Center & Spa at Cavallo Point – The Lodge at the Golden Gate, where he was a member of the pre-opening team, serving as lead therapist for eight years and spa treatment manager for four years before becoming the spa manager in 2016.

It was in 2017 that Shaw joined the Four Seasons family as Spa Director at Four Seasons Resort Lanai. He led the team through intensive trainings and a menu refresh that featured culturally inspired treatments, Zen Sports Wellness, and an equestrian-specific menu of sports massages and meditation and yoga classes, including Zen Horse Yoga, which won the coveted ISPA’s Innovation of the Year Award 2018.

In February 2019, Shaw made his way to another island within the Four Seasons portfolio as Spa Director of Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach, which also includes oversight of the Resort’s fitness, tennis and wellness programs. Since his arrival, Coté, inspired by his team and new surroundings, has introduced an innovative menu featuring an array of cutting-edge treatments, partnering with the world's top skin and body care delivering highly personalised treatments at what he likes to call “our hidden gem beyond the dunes.”

“We’ve honed in on our connection to ocean, land and sky and the desire to connect deeply to our environment,” he adds.  

Shaw has quickly taken to the easy, breezy Florida lifestyle. “I get to ride my bicycle to and from work each day, 16 miles total. Watching the sun rise over the ocean, seeing the clouds, the water, the palm trees. Its beauty is awe-inspiring and I fall in love with this Island more each day.”