Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris Unveils its Yule Log the “Cazette”


December 9, 2020,
Paris, France

Michael Bartocetti is once again shaking up the scene with inventive culinary concepts, creating an exceptionally creative and flavoursome Yule log that will please the most discerning of gourmands.

Echoing the curved shape of a cazette, a variety of hazelnut from Burgundy, this exquisite roasted chocolate hazelnut is one of the chef’s most prized sweet delights. Featuring a particularly intense fragrance, the cazette is deeply rooted in French culture and traditions. The Yule log of Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris recalls the art of quilling, one of the Chef’s much-loved childhood hobbies that is popular during the festive season in the region of Lorraine. The Cazette features a series of fine layers that recall the delicate pleats and folds of paper that children create to make airy flakes to hang on Christmas trees.

Made with 66 percent dark Caribbean chocolate, the walls are delicately layered in mendiants, with a warm and comforting dessert cocooned at the centre.

The dessert features a fine layer of dulce de leche icing, encasing a cold brew coffee mousse with a delicate, subtle flavour. Like the multi-layered encasing, the heart of the log is composed of several layers with complementary flavours and textures. A creamy coffee and green cardamom with lemon notes adds a zesty bite, while a melting praline with hazelnut flower and coffee beans gives a rich, natural flavour on the palate. Adding to the myriad flavours is a hazelnut crisp with fleur de sel, while a delicate gingerbread cookie lends a crunchy texture, recalling a warm and crackling fireplace in winter.

Perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones, this delectable sweet treat celebrating the festive season is a slice of pure indulgence.

The Cazette will be available at the Christmas Pop Up of Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris at a price of EUR 14 (per person).

Open daily from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, the Christmas Pop-Up of Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris will be available from Wednesday, December 16, 2020 to Sunday, January 10, 2021.