By the Numbers: Interesting Facts About L'Orangerie

Paris, France

L'Orangerie, the courtyard restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, offers the following interesting facts - by the numbers:

  • 2.5 - Tons of glass were required in the construction of L’Orangerie, certified by the architectural heritage body Bâtiments de France.
  • 160,000 - Carrara marble mosaics cover the floor of the restaurant.
  • 400 - Each guest enjoys a magnificent view of the 400-square-metre (4,300 square foot) Marble Courtyard designed by Jeff Leatham, the Hotel’s talented and long-standing Artistic Director.
  • 10 - Members make up the kitchen brigade of L’Orangerie.
  • 6 - Members of staff provide service in the dining room.
  • 50,000 - Bottles make up the wine cellar at Four Seasons Hotel George V created by Éric Beaumard.
  • 2,200 - Wines and Champagnes are available on the L’Orangerie wine list.
  • 25 - Covers are served durinng each service.
  • 5 - Hours daily are devoted to research and development in the kitchens of L’Orangerie; Chef David Bizet requires his teams to come up with a new dish every day.