Three Expert Brands to Discover at Le Spa at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Paris, France

Le Spa at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris has carefully selected three internationally recognised expert brands offering tailor-made, results-based treatments to beautify both body and spirit:

  • Swiss Perfection, a Swiss brand, is dedicated to providing the finest and most advanced anti-ageing solutions. Swiss Perfection is the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics with its signature compound Cellular Active IRISA.
  • Dr Burgener Switzerland is the creation of Doctor of Biology Pauline Burgener, a specialist in skin science and aging. Pauline Burgener has developed her own product line as well as an innovative method allowing analysis of individual skin metabolism and the development of the most effective treatment. Dr Burgener Switzerland combines the purest and most efficient natural ingredients such as gold, green caviar, collagen, AHA fruit acids and royal jelly with the latest in anti-ageing technologies.
  • Alaena by Dr Peres France, developed in France by a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon, is the first organic cosmetic line based on elements originating from biotechnology. During treatment, patented assets, based on five organic sprouted seeds, accelerate cell renewal resulting in an anti-ageing effect. Alaena’s ethical values are strictly respected from the selection of raw materials, including production methods, to their simple packaging.