Top 10 Christmas Activities in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The Concierge team at Four Seasons Hotel Prague offer these top 10 tips for couples and families visiting Prague over the festive season:

1. Christmas Markets

The markets are an essential part of the seasonal wonder of the city and offer the best way to get into the right Christmas spirit. Browse for traditional gifts for friends and loved ones.

2. Trdlo

The traditional, fire-cooked sweet treats are widely available and easy to find at the stalls that dot the cobbled streets of Prague. If you can’t see one, just follow the delicious smell of caramelised sugar, cinnamon and nuts. 

3. Mulled Wine

The weather might put a chill on visitors’ moods over the festive season, but a cup of traditional mulled wine, a hot drink with citrus fruits and a mix of spices, will warm things up and get you back in the festive mood. 

4. Horse-drawn Carriage

Lean back in a classical horse-drawn carriage and enjoy a fairy-tale ride through the historical city centre.

5. Concert in the Church

Visit some of Prague’s many beautiful, atmospheric churches and enjoy carols or classical music by world famous Czech composers in a magic candle-lit setting.

6. Prague Ham

A slab of Prague’s brine cured, fully cooked and smoked, boneless ham is best enjoyed when served with excellent Czech beer.

7. Nativity Scene

Christmas is not the same without a Nativity scene. Take a walk among the major sights in the Old Town and visit the most beautiful Nativity scenes there.

8. Czech Lace

Beautiful bobbin laces and old-fashioned embroidery are typical Czech products at the markets. Please your loved ones with their tender beauty. 

9. Winter River Cruise

Admire the snow-covered beauty of Prague from the comfort of a cosy, warm boat.  

10. Glass and Hand-Crafted Decorations

The Czech Republic is a renowned glass producer respected all over the world for its Bohemian crystal. Decorate your Christmas tree this year with sparkling, twinkling glass ornaments.