Authentic Italian Flavours Will Stir Your Passion for a Symphony of Fine Dining

Chef Nicola invites you to taste his dishes that are so much more than the sum of their parts
Pudong, Shanghai, China

At Camelia at Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, the harmonies of authentic Italian cuisine can conduct a sophisticated fine dining experience.

The symphony of flavour is made possible by Camelia having our very own Italian helming the sourcing, the kitchen and everything needed to put the magic onto your plate - Chef Nicola Frizzale. Chef Nicola is from the southern region of Italy, Apulia, and has been leading the kitchen of Camelia for more than two years. He was the Chef de Partie at Four Seasons Hotel Milano in 2010, before switching to the Bvlgari hotel for three years. Chef Nicola's native background ensures complete authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine, as his pride and knowledge of presenting Italian food to the world shines through. With a career that laid its foundations of cooking in Sardinia, Chef Nicola spent more than 10 years moving up through the ranks of kitchens through Italy, further enriching his expertise.

The background of Italian cuisine is from humble, homey origins - but when done to perfection, it can make your heart sing like a fine opera. Take Camelia's homemade eggs carbonara ravioli zucchini with crispy pancetta, for example. You can find the dish named carbonara in almost any Italian restaurant in the world - but when prepared with the love and care of a true Italian, it transcends the sum of its parts to become something altogether wonderful.

By the same note, the seafood cartoccio “carta fata” - with mussels, clams, baby calamari, scallops, cod fish and cherry tomatoes - is like an oceanic medley across your taste buds. You can almost hear the waves crashing on the Italian coastline with the freshness of the catch.

To enjoy the fruits of Chef Nicola's deep experience across the kitchens of Italy, Camelia is your destination in Shanghai to eat your heart out like a true Italian – in the luxurious setting of Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai.