Neto Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo Named One of the Best Italian Restaurants in the World

For the first time since it was published, the Gambero Rosso guide selected a Brazilian restaurant with the highest rating

November 8, 2019,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Neto Restaurant, inside Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo, was the only restaurant in Latin America to be chosen among the 25 awarded in the category Three Forks, the highest category of the rigorous Gambero Rosso Guide, which classifies the best Italian restaurants in the world. 

Under Executive Chef Paolo Lavezzini, a native of Emilia-Romagna, the restaurant offers a menu that combines Italian cuisine with Brazilian ingredients. After extensive research with local suppliers, the chef was amazed with the excellence and the variety of local products that could be combined with genuinely Italian recipes.  The mortadella made at the restaurant replaces the usual pistachios with Brazil nuts, and the mantovana mustard prepared with jackfruit instead of pear are good examples of the Italian-Brazilian blend.

This blend caught the attention of the great Gambero Rosso guide, an extremely rigorous and judicious publication in restaurant evaluations, equivalent to Italian Michelin. The publication highlights the selection of Brazilian cheeses and home-made sausages alongside the acquerello rice risotto prepared with mushrooms and sweetbreads.

The signature restaurant of Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo, Neto's proposal is to offer high gastronomy with ingredients that respect the seasonality and meet the concept that searches for ingredients natural from the area where they are being sold, generating less environmental impact. 

The restaurant's name, which means "grandson" in Portuguese, comes from the idea of paying a tribute to the Italian descendants that came to Brazil and settled in São Paulo, the city that concentrates the largest Italian community outside Italy in the world.  Here, in a way, we can say that we are all "grandsons of a nonna."

Gambero Rosso

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