Ubud, Through the Eyes of the Locals

Bali at Sayan, Indonesia

Enjoying a sense of true discovery is what travel is all about. Internet searches and social media scrolling can lead to more confusion; there’s just so much information out there. For first-time visitors to Ubud, the good news is that Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan offers more than dramatic architecture and natural beauty. It’s a great base to explore nearby destinations – from the spiritual to the adrenaline-pumping. Who better to share their favourite tips than the Resort’s in-the-know staff, themselves born-and-bred in the Ubud area? Shape your itinerary with their picks and uncover some of Bali's gems.

Our Adventure Guide’s Favourite Place for a Balinese Bathing Ritual

"We Balinese regularly do a melukat bathing ritual; it's refreshing and perfect for shaking off any negativity. I love going to Tirta Empul, a 9th-century water temple famous with tourists and locals alike. Go early in the morning to soak up the mystical energy. It's about 45 minutes from our Resort and part of the Pilgrim Temple Voyage day trip we offer. Another option to experience melukat away from other tourists is our Can You Keep A Secret excursion - only for those who can!"

– Adventure Guide Agus Nova Putra

Where Our Wellness Mentor Shops for Gifts

“I often visit nearby Ubud and when shopping for gifts, I go to The Pure Land Gallery. You can find handmade jewellery and art, meditation kits and Buddhist Tibetan singing bowls. Try out the singing bowls to find the one that is perfect for you.”

– Wellness Mentor Ibu Fera

Our Guest Experience Manager’s Top Waterfall

“Sekumpul is a hidden gem in North-East Bali, a couple of hours from the Resort. You trek 40 minutes downhill and it's such a thrill to refresh yourself at the falls – one is more than 50 metres (165 feet) high! Going back up is a good workout but you’re rewarding with stunning views across the mountain ridge.”

– Guest Experience Manager Atmawin Adiputra

Where Our Resort Manager Goes for Off-Duty Cocktails

“Sayan House restaurant has an excellent selection of creative cocktails. I love the Café Groni, which consists of coffee whiskey, Campari and white vermouth. I sit out on the deck to take in the hilltop views of the Sayan Valley and our Resort from a distance, which has been likened to a UFO.”

– Resort Manager Gianni Costa

Make a Fashion Statement with a Batik Shirt

“In Bali, Friday is batik day, when workers and even government officials swap their corporate attire for the casual feel of batik shirts – they’re soft, lightweight and ideal for the tropical climate. Local artisans use a wax application and natural dyes to create one-of-a-kind designs, not only for shirts but for skirts, children’s clothes and table decor. Batik is a great souvenir and can be found at the Ubud markets or one of the batik shops in Batubulan Village, a 25-minute car ride away. You can even take a private batik painting workshop to make your own unique design.”

– Rooms Operations Manager Ketut Sena