Four Seasons Hotel Seoul Presents Gourmet Chocolate Delights with República del Cacao

September 11, 2018,
Seoul, Korea

As summer comes to a close, an exciting event awaits at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul for the city’s chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. Executive Pastry Chef Alexandre Chersouly teamed up with Chocolatier and Head Pastry Chef Matthieu Godard from Hong Kong to showcase an exciting collection of desserts using República del Cacao’s finest sustainable chocolates from Ecuador. These limited edition chocolate delicacies are available in September 2018 at the Hotel’s international buffet restaurant The Market Kitchen and the lobby lounge Maru.

Simple and feminine reflecting the sophistication of Paris, the new sweet collection combines the two French chefs' high-level craftsmanship and artistry with the exceptional quality of República del Cacao’s chocolates, allowing guests to delight in the different flavours, texture and notes of dark, milk and white chocolates.

“In my opinion, chocolate is the most luxurious of sweet treats. It is truly one of the greatest indulgences,” says Alexandre Chersouly. “Its quality varies significantly depending on the ingredients and we are fortunate to work with a world-class chocolate brand, República del Cacao, alongside Chef Godard, a chocolate expert and a talented pastry chef. We purposefully didn’t use a lot of sugar because we wanted to bring out the quality and the rich flavours of these exceptional chocolates.”

República del Cacao showcases the most authentic taste of chocolates using only natural and local ingredients; cacao harvested in Latin America, milk from the Andes and sugarcane from the coastal plains. Their chocolates are made by local people trained with European expertise resulting in world-class chocolates with flavuorful notes and rich cocoa content ranging from 31 to 70 percent.

Ingredients are one thing but Alexandre’s touch of artisanal flair and craftsmanship combined with Matthieu’s chocolate expertise make this collection a sweet masterpiece igniting a passion for sweets.

The limited edition República del Cacao desserts are available at The Market Kitchen in the dessert section during dinner only in September. The collection includes chocolate and pistachio délice, mango marmalade chouchou, strawberry and green tea trifle, dark cocoa bonbon with almond paste, caramel and milk chocolate ganache sandwich, and vanilla yuzu macaroon.

At the lobby lounge Maru, Alexandre has created a special República del Cacao bingsu, a dream come true for chocolate lovers. A bowl of freshly shaved iced milk is beautifully topped with dark ganache, milk chocolate shell filled with whip cream, milk chocolate jelly and chocolate brownie and is served with intense chocolate sauce to drizzle over the masterpiece for a double chocolate treat.

“My desserts are simple, yet intricate and feminine,” says Alexandre Chersouly. “I was born in France where I also spent most of my life so the characteristics of French pastries are definitely there. I tend to pay a particular attention to the geometry of my desserts like the shape, lines, curves and angles. I like to be very precise about these things like a mathematician.”

República del Cacao Bingsu will be available at Maru for a limited period of time until September 30.

For reservations call +82 2 6388 5500.