Celebrate the Timeless Beauty of Korea at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

March 17, 2023,
Seoul, Korea

Harnessing spring’s rejuvenating energy - and in celebration of Korea’s beautiful royal culture - Four Seasons Hotel Seoul has launched a new room package, Timeless Beauty in collaboration with a premium cosmetics brand of South Korea’s LG Household & Health Care Ltd., The History of Whoo. Inspired by the timeless beauty of Korea’s Empresses, the offer - available from April 1, 2023 for just 100 rooms - includes a 40-minute Whoo Hwanyu spa facial alongside springtime palace tours, Korean sauna access, daily breakfast, and more.

Bookable for a minimum of two nights, the elegant experience starts from the moment guests enter the Gwanghwamun Hotel’s Spring Garden of Empress-themed lobby. Exquisite violet and bright pink flower arrangements of hydrangea, carnation, aster and quince - designed by the team of world-renowned floral artist Nicolai Bergmann - offer the perfect backdrop for dazzling photos alongside local artisans’ work honouring Korea’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Whoo’s skincare collections are central to the luxurious room offer. Crafted with Gongjinbidan complex - a secret circulation-boosting formula enriched with medicinal ingredients known to balance Yin and Yang - a The History of Whoo Hwanyu Imperial Youth Discovery Kit (worth KRW 500,000) awaits in each room: the ultimate beauty ritual for revealing the divine Empress within. The luxury continues in the cold, warm and hot baths of the Hotel’s traditional sauna, replete with sparkling 18-carat gold mosaic tiles and gorgeous relaxation areas. An additional 30-minute Whoo Hwanyu facial service is available at the Hotel’s Spa at a cost of KRW 120,000 per person for any guest wishing to indulge further.

In addition, two tickets to historical palaces allow guests to step back to Seoul’s inspirational past: Gyeongbokgung Palace dates back to 1395 while the vast grounds of ChangDeokgung Palace are the ideal place to wander paths trodden by regal bygone Empresses.

Springtime memory-making continues at OUL - the Hotel’s contemporary late-night bar celebrating Seoul’s iconic past, present and future in sippable form. Here, guests can toast to good health with a vibrant menu of three History of Whoo inspired spring cocktails that celebrate Korea’s flavourful heritage. From the herbal notes of hand-crafted Korean vermouth in Royal Spritz, to the delicate ginseng, perilla and pine-needle craft gin in Whoo’s Club and the sparkling sweet and sour botanicals in the bright Wolfberry Mojito mocktail, each is an artful fusion of traditional ingredients and innovative modern mixology. From KRW 21,000 to KRW 26,000 (tax included). A special gift, Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum 15ml in a traditional fabric bag is included with every History of Whoo cocktail.

To savour Korea’s Timeless Beauty at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, call 02-6388-5000 or book online.