Don’t Be Fooled, It’s Not an Art Gallery

Seoul, Korea

If you are an art lover, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul houses a collection of 160 unique, breathtaking art pieces around every corner that will make you pause and admire their beauty.  From burgeoning local Korean artists to recognisable names, all areas of the Hotel boast stunning works of art that showcase the artist's distinctive craftsmanship and timeless style.

Some of the highlights include:

  • In One Stroke by Byung Hoon Choi (Korea) - Seamless and refined stone benches chiselled from basalt stone that embody Taoist and Zen notions of journeys through nature to the self and the awakening of the dormant.
  • Water, Rock, Pine, Bamboo, Moon by Kim Jong Gu (Korea) - The artist brushed steel powder onto the canvas with a stream-of-consciousness poetic approach using calligraphic forms. If you look closely, you can see calligraphy in multiple languages.
  • Le Mobile N°25, 2015 by Xavier Veilhan (France) - A strikingly giant yellow spheres hanging in the lobby shows the relationship between movement, shape, space and time. These constantly evolving spheres look different depending on the time of the day and where you are standing.
  • White Wind by Ran Hwang (Korea) - This three-dimensional panel made using buttons and pins on wood and is a modern interpretation of the most famous palace in Seoul, Gyeonbokgung – just steps from the Hotel. The artist included the cherry blossoms because she thinks it is the most beautiful during the cherry blossom season.