A Surfer's Paradise: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles Introduces New Surfer's Massage

Adrenaline in the ocean is complemented by hilltop serenity with the Spa's new Surfer’s Massage

July 6, 2016,

Surfers who travel to Four Seasons Resort Seychelles for the crystal clear waters and uncrowned waves can now take advantage of a customised Surfer’s Massage in the hilltop Spa, with this new treatment focused on recovering the tired muscles most used for surfing.

In partnership with luxury surf guiding company Tropicsurf, which is based at the Resort, budding surfers are able to benefit from professional tuition in either one to one or group sessions, including guidance on where to find the island's best waves for expert riders. To complement these surf sessions, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is now offering a tailored massage dedicated to surfers, allowing the ocean activities to be followed by rest and relaxation at the hilltop Spa.

Senior Spa Director Verena Lasvigne-Fox says: "Surfers are often familiar with the feeling of aching shoulders and arms after a long surf session. Surfing is a very physically demanding sport and the strength required to navigate a surfboard through the water can leave muscles feeling tired and sore. Our new Surfer’s Massage focuses on working the muscles in key areas to release any built up tension and to ensure each surfer has full flexibility of movement for their sport."

Tailored to the individual needs of each person, the Surfer's Massage has a main focus of stretching and  soothing the "surfing muscles" most used in the upper body and arms, while attention is also paid to the legs, which can feel fatigued after time spent swimming and riding the waves.  

Guests may take advantage of this new massage up to seven days after their surf session in the luxurious surroundings of the Resort’s hilltop Spa, nestled high in the hillside overlooking Petite Anse. The Surfer’s Massage is priced at EUR 140 for 60 minutes and EUR 170 for 90 minutes, subject to 26.5 percent taxes and service charge and can be booked by contacting the Spa directly at +248 4393787 or