A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

July 23, 2020,

Gift and partake of a graceful Mid-Autumn celebration with handcrafted mooncakes by Michelin-starred Jiang-Nan Chun at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.

it's an occasion that the restaurant's chefs look forward to every year. The carefully-curated menu features perennial favourites and new, limited edition snowskin mooncakes. Housed in an elegant botanical-inspired gift box, the mooncakes are created with exceptional ingredients and skill.

These treasured treats will be ready for collection or delivery from September 1 to October 1, 2020.

  • Early Bird Special: Enjoy 20 percent off mooncakes ordered from August 1 to September 6, 2020
  • Order Direct Special: Enjoy 15 percent off mooncakes ordered from September 7 to October 1, 2020

Luxurious Gifting

A curated selection of crafted mooncakes encased in a powder blue embroidered jewellery box will be a coveted gift this season. With florals that depict the urban sanctuary that is the Hotel, the thoughtfully-designed case exudes quiet sophistication and delights the most discerning family, friends and business associates.

Baked Collection

With a focus on classics, the baked selection sees the return of the signature Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime inspired by Jiang-Nan Chun’s signature Peking duck, prepared in a mesquite wood-fire oven. Also on the menu are perennial favourites Silver Lotus Paste with Melon Seed, Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolk.

Each baked skin mooncake spotlights the natural flavour of top quality ingredients including premium silver lotus - lotus that is young and fresh. Requiring a lower quantity of oil and sugar to create the paste, silver lotus paste is a healthier option for all ages. If variety is desired, the Four Seasons Medley is sure to delight and please with one of each flavour.

Snowskin Collection

Debuting this season is the elegant Litchi with Raspberry and Rose. Gloved in a soft, rose-infused snowskin, a raspberry-rose gelée gem lies shrouded in a vanilla-litchi pastry cream, a genteel surprise for a refined delight.

Traditionally known for its attributes such as enhancing skin complexion, the exquisite Bird’s Nest with Custard mooncake is itself a work of art where velvety custard perfectly envelopes and complements the bird’s nest core, while lovers of the king of fruit will be thrilled with the smooth and creamy Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin mooncake.

The Hazelnut Royaltine Chocolate delights with its blend of the crunchy Jivara chocolate praline base combined with fragrant hazelnut, a creative rendition the Hotel's well-loved hazelnut royaltine cake.  

COPENHAGEN Organic Sparkling Tea

Elevate the season and pair the exquisite mooncakes with organic sparkling teas by COPENHAGEN, a Danish label developed by award winning sommelier Jacob Kocemba and business partner Bo Sten Hensen. Enjoy the dry and delicate taste of LYSERØD made with exclusive white silver needle tea for a nice and soft mouthfeel; crisp notes of jasmine and chamomile of BLÅ, a blend of 13 different organic teas; or indulge with GRØN (5 percent vol), an alcoholic sparkling tea with a strong green tea persona while bearing significant notes of citrus.

Baked Collection

  • Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolk SGD 80
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk SGD 78
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Melon Seed SGD 78
  • Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts SGD 78
  • Four Seasons Medley (one of each flavour) SGD 82

Snow Skin Collection

  • Mao Shan Wang Durian SGD 98
  • Bird’s Nest With Custard SGD 88               
  • Hazelnut Royaltine Chocolate SGD 80
  • Litchi with Raspberry and Rose SGD 80
  • Jiang-Nan Chun Medley (two of each flavour) SGD 88

COPENHAGEN Organic Sparkling Tea

  • LYSERØD SGD 88  
  • BLÅ SGD 88
  • GRØN (5 percent vol) SGD 98   

*Prices are nett.

For orders, call (65) 6831 7253, email or visit Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Mooncake 2020 for online orders.