Four Seasons and Saks Offer Exclusive Lost Luggage Service in St. Louis

St. Louis, U.S.A.

Imagine this. After a long, hard day of travel, you find out your luggage has been lost in transit. You arrive at your hotel without your belongings. This certainly wasn’t on your itinerary.

But fear not: Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis and Saks Fifth Avenue, St. Louis now have an excellent remedy. The two luxury brands have teamed up locally, on an exclusive service to help guests rebuild their suitcases while away from home.  Simply inform the concierge at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis that the service is needed, and a Saks stylist will be alerted. Choose to either take a private car for a save-the-day shopping experience in the Fifth Avenue Club – a luxurious and private room in the designer salon where a stylist pulls and styles a room just for the guest - or have a stylist come to the Hotel with all requests. Whatever merchandise is not purchased can be sent back to Saks with the stylist. 

The goal of the service is to ease the mind of the global traveller or businessperson by making the process of going through losing luggage just a little bit easier.