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Four Seasons Hotel The Surf Club, Surfside, Florida

  • 9011 Collins Avenue, Surfside, Florida, 33154, U.S.A.

Antonio Mermolia

Executive Chef

"I believe a plate is never finished in the kitchen alone. The way we present the food and finish it at the table is an important part of the recipe."


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2016
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • Capatosta New York; Mulino a Vino New York; Il Punto New York;  La Capinera, Sicily, Italy; Hotel Villa Calliope, Calabria, Italy


  • Calabria, Italy

Languages Spoken

  • Italian, English, Spanish

Born and raised in the gastronomy-driven region of Southern Italy to a long family line of chefs and hoteliers, it seems that Mermolia was always destined for culinary success. However, this career path wasn’t the original plan for the young celebrity chef. As a teenager, Mermolia was discovered as a promising young basketball player and drafted to play in Italy’s national league. It was during this time that Mermolia also worked at Hotel Villa Calliope, his family’s historic boutique hotel dating from the 19th century. Initially working as a restaurant server, Mermolia’s curious nature eventually led him to the kitchen where a new passion was discovered and his true calling revealed.

After two years leading Hotel Villa Calliope’s well-loved restaurant, Mermolia embarked on a mission to learn from the best restaurants in Italy. His journey would later take Mermolia to Sicily to apprentice with Pietro D’Agostino, considered one of the most influential chefs in the country. Mermolia says this experience “completely opened my mind to the great possibilities of a restaurant.”

In 2012, a chance meeting with New York City restaurateurs would spark a move to Manhattan. Chef Mermolia soon found great success at Il Punto restaurant, receiving critical acclaim from the Wall Street Journal and top restaurant critics including John Mariani, who wrote that Mermolia’s menu “shows how endlessly creative a man of his talents can be.” Two years later, a new opportunity to open the restaurant Mulino a Vino with award-winning chef Davide Scabin appealed to Mermolia’s drive to continually challenge himself and his cuisine. In 2015, the desire to return to his Southern Italian roots would inspire Mermolia to join a new restaurant, Capatosta, its name alluding to someone with the character and willpower to take the road less traveled.

Mermolia’s path led him to Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club during a visit to his Italian hometown in 2016. Antonio Sersale, owner of Le Sirenuse hotel and its relaxedly elegant restaurant La Sponda on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, personally tapped Mermolia to lead the Miami outpost of the Italian hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant. This is Le Sirenuse’s first project away from its home in Positano, located at the revitalised Surf Club property in the Surfside area of Miami. Together, Mermolia and Sersale are bringing an authentic Southern Italian experience to the white-sand shores of this historic location.