History of The Surf Club


Surfside, Florida, U.S.A

Founded in 1930, The Surf Club was an unlikely addition to the Miami Beaches. After all, the then southernmost city was, and remains, the location where many seek the limelight as much as the sunlight. Some, however, would prefer to socialise behind closed doors, which was precisely the appeal of The Surf Club.

The idea for the club was born on a yacht owned by tire tycoon Harvey Firestone on a winter afternoon in the late 1920s. Firestone and a few friends including Miami Beach pioneers Carl Fisher and Irving Collins cruised up the coast of Miami Beach on the Marybelle, when they noticed an incredibly beautiful beachfront landscape. In the midst of Prohibition, they were hankering for a private place to gather and once they laid eyes upon this location, the ideal place was found. Architect Russell T. Pancoast, who defined aesthetics of that era, was brought on to bring their vision to life.

Since its opening on New Year’s Eve 1930, the club became a gathering place for exceptional figures of the past century. Among those who came to sip and sup were Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elizabeth Taylor, Winston Churchill and more. There was always something fabulous taking place – from poolside fashion shows and debutante galas to black-tie boxing nights and over-the-top parties.

The creation of Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club combines the glories of the past with the possibilities of the future, bringing the next chapter of this legendary club to life.