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Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

  • 10 Trinity Square, London, EC3N 4AJ, England

Andras Bódor

Food and Beverage Operations Manager


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square opened in 2017
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Chef de Rang, La Dame de Pic London

Employment History

  • Langham Hotel London; Royal Caribbean Cruises; Coca-Cola in Hungary;


  • Budapest, Hungary

Languages Spoken

  • Hungarian, English

Born and raised in Budapest, if you asked 20-year-old Andras Bódor, now restaurant general manager of Asian restaurant Mei Ume located within Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, if he would end up working in luxury hospitality, it was not something he would’ve envisioned. Andras actually started his career in event management working for internationally acclaimed drinks brand, Coca-Cola, before deciding that he wanted to travel and see more of the world. It was when working part time in London five-star hotels that he realised he had a love for hospitality and being amongst the hustle and bustle of the hotel scene. Interacting with people from all walks of life, meeting people from different and diverse backgrounds and enjoying a day that is never the same appealed to Andras. He quickly made the transition from the world of events to working within hospitality. Andras is a person who always keen to grow, learn and evolve he pursued a career with Royal Caribbean Cruises.

After working for Royal Caribbean Cruises for nearly two years and travelling around the world, Andras moved back to London to start his career at a now two-Michelin star restaurant, La Dame De Pic London, located within Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square in 2017, when both the hotel and restaurant first opened. Shortly after working in La Dame De Pic London as a Chef de Rang, he moved to the Hotel’s private members club. Working at both in the Club and La Dame De Pic taught him discipline, professionalism of a high standard and strict training.

The position for Restaurant General Manager at Mei Ume became available in 2021, to which Andras applied and got the role. With the amazing opportunity this role offered, it also came with a few challenges. He was assigned the role at a time when there was a global pandemic at its peak, which meant that this certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. Not only was this a new role for Andras, the cuisine (being both Chinese and Japanese) was a different learning experience altogether, especially compared to the classic British and French menus he was used to working with.

Though it was challenging, Andras believes it has been the best thing to really kick start his career in high end restaurant management. He started at Mei Ume humbly, running food, polishing glasses, learning the menu and serving tables to learn the different culture in the outlet, all to fully understand each one of his team members' roles, responsibilities and pressures, thus enabling him to be able to manage and lead the team efficiently.

Not only has Andras grown and worked his way up over his years working at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, he loves working for the brand because working with a company that shares the same life values as he does is immensely important. The Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated," is an ethos that he believes should be applied to all aspects of our lives.

When he is not in Mei Ume, you will find Andras playing sports such as basketball, walking, out in nature and discovering new places around the city or the world. Even though he works with Asian cuisine, his favourite is Italian, pasta and any type of pasta at that.

The biggest achievement to date includes leading a successful, strong team during a difficult time as everyone had to adapt quickly. Building a loyal, dependent team that supported and helped keep the restaurant alive is something of which he is proud of.