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Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

  • 10 Trinity Square, London, EC3N 4AJ, England

Stephanie Raimbault

La Dame de Pic London General Manager
"What matters when your meal is over is the emotion you will remember. Those ones will get a second life while being related into a fascinating story you will share. Memories should be treasured, as they become your own bank of happiness."


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2012
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva)

Employment History

  • Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva


  • Osaka, Japan


  • Lycée Jules Ferry – Cannes (Scientific Baccalaureate 2007), Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (Bachelor of Science 2012, Marketing Specialty)

Languages Spoken

  • English, French, Spanish

Growing up in a family of chefs and restaurateurs, Stephanie Raimbault has always had the hospitality industry in her blood. “My father is a chef, both of my uncles are chefs and my great grandfather was also a chef,” says Stephanie. “My family has always loved food and would travel miles out of their way to try an iconic restaurant.”

It may seem that working in a restaurant was an obvious choice, but similar to many descendants of high-powered chefs, initially Stephanie rejected the idea of working in the industry. “I was always very nervous of being in the kitchen as a child. It seemed like such a stressful, high-pressure environment. I wanted to be an architect or designer. I’ve always been creative and I loved the idea of designing something that people would remember.”

Stephanie’s father however was always keen that his children understood the industry and encouraged both Stephanie and her brother to work in the restaurant at weekends and during school holidays. “The first day I arrived it felt awkward because the other staff were apprehensive that I was the daughter of the chef,” Stephanie remembers. “But I soon became a strong team member, being respected for my work. There was no special treatment in my father’s restaurant, or if so, it would definitely be in a tough way!”

Stephanie continued working in restaurants throughout her free time, and during her studies at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, working as a part time at the Restaurant L’Hotel de Ville, an institution in Switzerland, and spending time in Paris during the summer working at high-profile events for catering company Lenotre.

Once she finished her degree. Stephanie began her first role with Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva in the food and beverage department. Here, Stephanie was a natural when it came to interacting with guests and promoting seasonal menus and events. Her talents were quickly recognised by the Hotel and Stephanie was offered a role within the sales team, where she was able to develop her skills and grow her experience with Four Seasons.

After transferring to London in 2017, Stephanie was introduced to the city’s dynamic restaurant scene and realised that she missed the buzz and excitement of working in food and beverage. “Being in the kitchen is noisy and chaotic, but then you come to the front of house and it’s like being on stage,” Stephanie describes. “You emerge into the calm scene of the restaurant and present these beautiful creations that bring so much joy to the guests.”

Stephanie was appointed General Manager of Michelin-starred La Dame de Pic London, the first UK restaurant by Chef Anne-Sophie Pic. “I’ve always been inspired by Anne-Sophie Pic – I have also come from a family of chefs and I feel it gives me some understanding of what she went through to be where she is today. Being a woman in this masculine industry is adding an extra challenge.  She has created a unique culinary identity that sets her apart from any other chef, telling a story with each dish.”

Stephanie has always had an interest in art and in her free time loves to sketch. “I have a great appreciation for art, in all its forms, and the way that Anne-Sophie Pic creates with all the details considered, it really inspirers me,” says Stephanie. “There is a lot of meaning behind all what she does and I’m honoured to be able to share these with our guests.”