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Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

  • 60 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 0A4 , Canada

Giannicola Colucci

Executive Chef
“My passion is to create dishes that tell stories of my history and all the great chefs and restaurants I have worked with.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • 2006-2008; since 2014
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Executive Sous Chef, Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf (formerly a Four Seasons hotel)

Employment History

  • Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis; Restaurant Terrazza Danieli at Hotel Danieli, Venice, Italy; Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf; Grand Hotel Quisisana, Capri, Italy; Don Alfonso Restaurant, Naples, Italy; Restaurant Giola, Milan, Italy; Felidia Restaurant, New York;  Del Cambio Restaurant, Turin, Italy


  • Turin, Italy


  • Italian, English, French

From a very young age, Giannicola Colucci developed a love for food and cooking by living the concept of farm-to-table.  “I remember virtually everything on our table came from just outside the kitchen door,” he says, reminiscing about how he grew up on a farm with his family, using the always-fresh vegetables and making pastas, sauces and jams from scratch.

Now Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Colucci brings more two decades of culinary experience from across the world to the property. His leadership skills and creative culinary ability will undoubtedly elevate the Hotel’s food and beverage program as a whole. Colucci was first introduced to North America’s taste for Italian cuisine while working with beloved Italian Chef Lidia Bastianich at her flagship restaurant Felidia in New York, early in his career. He returned to the US for the second time for his most recent appointment as the Executive Chef of Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis where he led the team at the Hotel’s Italian restaurant Cielo and banqueting operations.

Another important career milestone was his two-year stint at Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf (formerly a Four Seasons hotel), where he learned the business side of running a large culinary operation. “Anyone can learn to cook,” he says. “But managing a big team is another skill entirely.  It’s not about being the boss – you have to have an open mind and encourage collaboration in the kitchen.”

Since joining Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Colucci and his team have been working to continue to evolve the food and beverage programs and banquet operations. Raised in Turin in Piedmont, Italy, only 100 kilometres (62 miles) from France, Colucci is not only influenced by his Italian roots and culture, but also by French cuisine. In his previous appointment, he was known to add his own personal touches while featuring different regions of Italy. “My dishes tell the story of my history as a cook and all the great chefs and restaurants I have been lucky to work with.”

His first experiences in a kitchen outside the family farm were at school as a teen, where his father was friends with the chef. He was encouraged to attend culinary school in Turin, and his first professional cooking experience was at the legendary Del Cambio restaurant, one of the oldest in the world.  Eventually, he landed in Venice, where he led the team at the Restaurant Terrazza Danieli at Hotel Danieli, an establishment with a high percentage of American guests that in retrospect was the perfect prelude to his second move to the US, to St. Louis in 2014.

Colucci loves outdoor sports, especially swimming, and counts sports cars and martial arts among his other interests. In his current home of Toronto, Colucci enjoys maple syrup in his coffee and exploring Toronto’s rich and diverse food scene. He loves red wine such as barolo, barbaresco, amarone and sassicaia, but is adding a few local favourites to his list. Farm life will always be important to Colucci, and he is grateful he can introduce his children to area farmers and show them where their food comes from as they grow up.