Four Seasons Hotel Tunis Unveils Wedding Atelier

A new concept in planning a luxurious wedding, the atelier connects couples with an array of experts
December 21, 2018,

In its first year since opening, Four Seasons Hotel Tunis has quickly become the venue of choice for weddings in the city, hosting the most luxurious events distinguished by Four Seasons service and attention to detail.  The Hotel's expert team, including Executive Chef Omar Mosquera Mallen, works closely with couples and their families to ensure a truly memorable experience, magical down to the last detail.

Now, Four Seasons Hotel Tunis introduces the Wedding Atelier, a new concept in the city that elevates each wedding into a Four Seasons experience.  Wedding Specialist Wafa Ben Rejab is on hand to help plan and personalise each wedding, offering an array of carefully chosen options and helping organise every aspect of the big day.

"It is quite a big responsibility as the bride and groom put their trust in me to help make their dreams more tangible," says Wafa. "It's hard work, but also very fun and rewarding. The fun side is that with all the weddings I have organised, I feel as if I am the 'forever bride'! This feeling drives my innovations and thinking as if it is my own wedding. The rewarding side: fault-free execution of course!"

The Wedding Atelier features exhibitors for different wedding styles, handmade jewelry, talented photographers, different decoration options tailored to everyone's taste and liking, preferred flower arrangements, a touch of relaxation represented by the Four Seasons Spa, sweet and savoury menu ideas crafted by the Hotel's culinary team, and more. For details, contact a Four Seasons wedding specialist here.