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Four Seasons Hotel Tunis

  • Zone Touristique Cap Gammarth, 1057 La Marsa, Tunisia

Pierre Habert

Spa Manager
“We want our guests to feel pampered like never before.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2017
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • The Istanbul Edition; BGA Corp, in Istanbul


  • Ploemeur, France


  • Masters of Science & Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration and Management, IAE de Poitiers, France; MMOC Effectuation, Emlyon Business School, Écully, France; Paramedical Degree in Podiatry, Paramedical School, Assas, France

Languages Spoken

  • French, English, a bit of Turkish

“I like the idea of enlightening our guests as well as our staff,” says Pierre Habert of the Spa he oversees at Four Seasons Hotel Tunis.  “Our guests are very knowledgeable, and wellness is on everyone’s mind these days. It’s our role to continue to enrich their lives every way we can.”  

Pierre starts from the basic principle that while clients have their personal history, the Spa has “ideas and energies” that can bring them to a better place. Nothing makes his day like a client who returns because they were touched by a treatment or a therapist in a way that transforms their routine toward wellness. “It’s an ongoing relationship between our team and our guests that rewards everyone,” he explains.

The experience, he continues, “is a meeting between technical and organic well being.” Team training – or, as Pierre puts it, “training, training and more training” – focuses on ensuring elegance and accuracy through every step of the Spa: from the welcome at arrival to the gentle lifting of heads on massage tables. “We want our guests to feel pampered like never before.”

The beauty of the space is key, of course. Spread between two floors, the Spa is decked out with medina-inspired water features, hammam and local touches including luscious scents, hints of pastel, brown furniture that matches the beach, and a spectacular indoor swimming pool with design reminiscent of the Roman heritage of Tunis. “Like every Four Seasons, we’ve drawn inspiration from the city to encourage local guests, yet we’ve created something completely new,” he says. “We’re a standout on the Tunisian market.”

Pierre fell feet first into his calling. Born and raised along the coast of Brittany, he studied podiatry and utilised his clinical skills on an illuminating volunteer effort to aid people affected by polio in northern India. Beyond opening his eyes to the significance of wellness, the experience gave him confidence to work and travel abroad.

Upon returning to France, he landed with a company specialising in treatments for the feet and was assigned to a luxury spa in Istanbul where he met his future wife, who was on the catering team of Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus. Love bloomed, and so did opportunities to travel together to Four Seasons destinations across Europe.

Pierre quickly became enamoured of the service and luxury behind the brand as well. He recalls a dinner with his wife at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. “I had to leave the table to take a phone call in the garden. When I returned, the waiter was deep in conversation with my wife. It was wonderful: such a high level of skill and readiness to dedicate energy and intellect to the guest.”

Pierre’s Team members are largely local, and his goal is to take them to a Four Seasons level of excellence and delivery. “If you intend to do something, you must deliver.” He likes to remind the staff that they are not just offering a service, but hosting a guest. “What we’re doing, in a sense, is telling a story,” he says of the Spa and the Hotel beyond. “If you can communicate your experience through personal attention and care, they’ll love the feeling they get.”

Meanwhile, Pierre is thrilled to find himself well positioned to practice his two recreational passions: golf and sailing. “I try to be decent at each,” he says with a self-effacing laugh. “I’m right where I need to be, with golf in front of the Hotel and water behind.”