Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC Celebrates Women’s History Month with Words of Advice from its Female Leadership Team

March 28, 2022,
Washington, DC, U.S.A.

Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC highlights the women in leadership at the Hotel, including Ghizlane Boukhnif, Director of Diplomatic Sales; Stacey Coppel, Regional Director of People & Culture; Anina Belle Giannini, Director of Public Relations; Lauren Harrell, Director of Revenue; Paula Moz, Director of Events; Sara Rosen Pumar, Director of Catering; Honey Supimol Lapcharoen, Director of Purchasing; and Liz White, Director of Finance.

“I consider myself so fortunate to be surrounded by such strong female leaders,” says Marc Bromley, Regional Vice President and General Manager. “Every leader on our team contributes in a way that goes so far above and beyond their role – they are pushing the Hotel to be an agent of change – to break perception and make it possible for women, even those with young kids, to attain full professional fulfilment. I am so lucky and humbled to part of such a special group of people.

The female leadership team of the Hotel offers some words of advice for women beginning their career in hospitality:

Ghizlane Boukhnif, Director of Diplomatic Sales

  • 19 years with Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC
  • 21 years of hospitality experience

“I may have built an empire of my market for the Hotel but having our team behind me has been the true foundation of my success. Four Seasons has become me and I have become it. This is the place where I work hardest and every day is a new challenge, which makes what we do so unique. I love the hustle and bustle and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We have been part of history with all of the movers and shakers of the world that stay with us and that alone is something I’m so proud to have as part of my career experience. Every year I learn that being kind, nice, understanding, loving, caring team player is what really matters because we overcome all obstacles somehow or another, but how we did it is what really leaves a mark.”

Stacey Coppel, Regional Director of People & Culture

  • 31 years in hospitality
  • 29 years in Four Seasons

 “To me being a leader at Four Seasons is an opportunity to create a work environment where all employees can thrive. It is exciting and challenging with each day bringing different opportunities to grow. As a leader you have the opportunity to impact and evolve the employee experience and support a culture that was built around respect. My advice to new managers when they start is one, Four Seasons is not perfect, bring your ideas, we welcome diversity of thought; two, embrace feedback and know it comes with the best of intentions, and if you don’t get it seek it out; three, if the door isn’t opened for you, push it open and speak to your one-up about your career and next step; and four, own your development, there isn’t one size that fits all in terms of what type of learning speaks to you, in Four Seasons there are many learning offerings - find yours and keep growing and evolving.”

Anina Belle Giannini, Director of Public Relations

  • 3.5 years at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC
  • 21 years of hospitality experience

"Say yes! Seize every opportunity that comes your way while you are building your career. Yes to that new position, yes to that last minute business trip, yes to that job transfer overseas. Every opportunity to learn something new and grow is an investment in your career and in yourself. By saying yes to new opportunities early on in my career, I was able to become more discerning later on, which has awarded me with a better life balance as a mom of two young kids. I love the way my daughter looks at me as I go to work in the morning – she is proud of her mom and that means everything to me.”

Lauren Harrell, Director of Revenue Management

  • 18 years with Four Seasons
  • 21 years of hospitality experience

"I am so proud to be part of the Four Seasons family.  My career spans five properties and nine different positions, and it’s shocking how fast time flies when you enjoy what you do!  As I greet new female managers during their orientation, I am so excited for their journey to start, and it always brings me back to the initial excitement I felt when first joining Four Seasons.  I am challenged in the best of ways, and it has allowed me to become a leader while still raising my three young children.  My advice is simple – take risks and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  The more you do, the larger that comfort zone will become." 

Paula Moz, Director of Events

  • 4 months at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC
  • 22 years of hospitality experience

“Being a leader at Four Seasons in DC is a dream come true for me. I feel valued, respected, included and cared for. I feel that I belong, and I admire everyone I work with and look forward to making a difference every day. Mark and Igor bring out the best in the team, we are very lucky to have such amazing leaders to look up to.”

Sara Rosen Pumar, Director of Catering and Conferences Service

  • 13.5 years with Four Seasons

"Joining Four Seasons directly after graduating college has taught me and continues to teach me each day what it means to be a hospitality professional. Living each day to the Golden Rule is something I carry with me both professionally and personally. Not only do I strive to cultivate this in my everyday life but also the lessons learned through Four Seasons, I carry home with me and now teach to my two children (almost three!). I will never take for granted that I am proud to be able to go to work each morning to something that I love and can come home each night to share my passion with my growing family. "

Honey Supimol Lapcharoen, Director of Purchasing

  • 4 years with Four Seasons
  • 13 years management and supply chain experience

“I was a former manager in the book industry and came to Four Seasons Hotel Washington with no hospitality experience. Over the last four years I took advantage of every training session, every word of wisdom, every opportunity to grow. I worked my way up from Clerk to Supervisor to Director, and it was because I had incredible support all around me. Leadership is not in the title but in the heart of the person who possesses it. I see budding leadership in some hearts around me right now, and it’s my singular goal to cultivate their potential and success.”

Liz White, Director of Finance

  • 15 years with Four Seasons

“Don’t give up or underestimate what you are capable of. Find the confidence inside yourself to ask for that next step or role. There will be days you feel like you can do anything and just as many when you might feel like you are not doing anything right. Finding a balance between work, family, friends, fitness, vacation and more is a never ending circle that can only happen when you feel supported. Find a boss or mentor who can be that support! I have been so blessed with opportunities to travel around the world with Four Seasons and meet the most passionate and genuine people. Hospitality is such an amazing industry that allows you to leave your comfort zones and experience different cultures and traditions. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you!”