The Serengeti and Beyond

Serengeti, Tanzania

Home to the Serengeti National Park and the incredible wildlife that lives within it, Tanzania is known as one of the world's most prestigious safari destinations, yet it is not only the animals of the wild that make this country such a thrilling place to visit. From snow-capped mountain peaks to rolling acres of picturesque coffee plantations to the spice-rich island of Zanzibar, Tanzania has so much to offer for a pre- or post-safari adventure.

The Safari Circuit

Whether wishing to spend a few nights in the historic wilderness of the Ngorongoro Crater or have a desire to see more of Tanzania, there is no end to the options available. To follow a safari circuit within Tanzania, depart directly from Arusha and experience a few days exploring Lake Manyara and the Tarangirie National Park, before heading north to the famous Ngorongoro conservation area. Finally, drive north once more into the heart of the Serengeti to arrive at Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Central Serengeti.

A Cultural Journey Through Arusha

If arriving late at night into Kilimanjaro International Airport, there could be no better place to recuperate from the jet lag than at one of Arusha's picturesque coffee lodges. Nestled between acres of rolling coffee fields, the lodges provide a sense of serene escapism in which to relax before a safari adventure. Take a morning stroll of the nearby plantation or discover the step by step process in which coffee is produced. By afternoon, enjoy the tranquility of the grounds with a fresh pot of Tanzanian coffee or visit the nearby workshop of local craftsmen and women to browse a collection of Maasai beaded jewellery and accessories. Enjoy a locally-inspired dinner before a good night's rest ahead of your early morning bush plane departure to Serengeti from Arusha Airport, just a five minute drive away.

Discover Historical Stone Town in Zanzibar

With architecture that dates back to the 19th century in styles that represent Arab, Persian, Indian and European influences, Stone Town is the historical heart of the island of Zanzibar. Due to the presence of so many symbolic and prominent artefacts, Stone Town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stone Town forms the old part of Zanzibar City - the island's capital, and captures the essential characters that have become the basis of Swahili culture today.

Climb Africa's Highest Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro

Perhaps one of the most identifiable symbols of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro draws climbers to its slopes throughout the year, with many travelling from all around the world. A gradual, yet continual climb challenges each hiker's ability to manage the physical exertion with the increasing altitude while moving continuously towards the summit for an unforgettable sunrise view. The length of time required to complete the climb may vary to suit individual levels and preferences; a guideline from most hiking operators is between five and nine days.