Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta Presents Bi-Coastal Oyster Bar Experience: Thursdays at Bar Margot

May 10, 2024,
Atlanta, U.S.A

Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta announces its newest culinary adventure, available Thursdays at Bar Margot.

Each week, from 6:00 to 10:00 pm, both seasoned oyster enthusiasts and seafood newcomers can embark on a taste journey traversing both ends of the continent in Bar Margot’s newest Oyster Bar experience.

The limited time oyster experience allows guests to dive into the fresh, briny depths of the ocean with Bar Margot Restaurant Chef Chad “Sosa” Hester, who meticulously selected oysters from both the East and West Coasts to showcase the best of the delicacies from each side of the country.

From the East Coast, Chef Sosa presents Va Va Voom Oysters, found nestled in the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, near the Northern Neck of Virginia. Cultivated with care, these oysters are nurtured from seed in a hatchery, grown in water column cages, and finally cradled in tray cages until they reach perfect maturity, providing a subtle brininess and rich, buttery flavours that culminate in a clean, satisfying finish.

From the West Coast, guests have the opportunity to savour Kusshi Oysters. Originating from the pristine waters of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, these oysters are a testament to farming innovation. Raised in the nutrient-dense Pacific, Kusshi Oysters are tumbled for a strong, smooth shell and a deep cup that cradles plump, firm flesh. With a decent salt kick, a meaty texture, and a refreshing cucumber finale that lingers on the palate, Kusshi Oysters embody the essence of oceanic perfection. In fact, "Kusshi" translates to "precious" in Japanese, a fitting name for these gems from the sea.

Price is USD 30 for half a dozen oysters. Available from 6:00 to 10:00 pm every Thursday at Bar Margot. For more information or to make a reservation, call 404 881 5913, click here, or book a table via Bar Margot’s OpenTable.