Celebrate the Arrival of Spring During Novruz Holiday with Four Seasons Hotel Baku


Baku, Azerbaijan

A true feast of spring, Novruz holiday is the start of new year and one of the most captivating events of Azerbaijan. The festivities start with four Tuesdays before March 21, which symbolise the beginning of the new year: Water Tuesday, Fire Tuesday, Earth Tuesday and Last Tuesday.

They say that “the water is reborn” on the first Tuesday, which means that still waters come to motion; the “fire is reborn” on the second one and the earth on the third. Finally, on the fourth Tuesday the wind opens tree buds and spring begins.

Apart from the above, Novruz is a holiday well known for its beautiful and fun traditions.

Cultural Rituals in Baku

Moments from the cultural hub of the city, Four Seasons Hotel Baku boasts the capital’s most high-profile location, with the main celebrations of Novruz taking place in the Old City.  Guests can explore the historical quarters and venture to the Maiden’s Tower or Market Square to admire the local people dressed in traditional clothes, school children taking part in festive dancing and folk bands performing traditional Azerbaijani songs.

The Feast of Novruz

A significant part of Novruz festivities revolve around food – tables are set with Novruz Khonchasi, a display of traditional desserts and beautiful decorations such as hand-painted eggs, candles and green sprouting wheat, symbolising the arrival of spring.

To further enhance their stay at Four Seasons Hotel Baku, during each Novruz, guests receive their very own Novruz Khonchasi in their room to symbolise the beginning of new life and prosperity.

Fire Jumping

Perhaps the most anticipated event of Novruz is fire jumping, a tradition dating back 2,500 years. According to ancient tradition, fire is symbol of purification and therefore when someone jumps over a fire, his or her troubles are taken away before the start of the new year. On the eve of Novruz, guests can expect to see bonfires light up the entire city, witnessing first-hand how this fascinating fire jumping ritual captivates the city of Baku.

During this exciting season of the year, Four Seasons Hotel Baku invites its guests to experience an unforgettable time celebrating with special offers and creating memorable moments with loved ones.