Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Partners with Renowned Skincare Brand Swiss Perfection, Designed to Promote Men’s Skincare Vitality

July 13, 2023,
Beijing, China

With unwavering belief and commitment to luxury aesthetics and technological healing, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing is collaborating with internationally renowned skincare brand Swiss Perfection to launch professional facial and body care for men, creating immersive luxury spa experiences to rejuvenate the modern-day gentlemen’s skin and soul and restore his balance and vitality.

Comprehensive Treatments to Rejuvenate Gentlemen’s Charm

The latest facial rejuvenation treatement utilizes Swiss Perfection’s popular skincare series to revitalize men’s dry and sensitive skin by enhancing moisture and nourishment around the face, shoulders and neck, while brightening the skin tone and improving its anti-ageing protection. Swiss Perfection’s professional treatments for men provide the perfect experience for physical and mental relaxation; deeply cleansing facial tissues, resisting blue light, relieving physical fatigue and stress, and promoting the belief of physical and mental self-healing.

The Zen Therapy holistically integrates the healing elements of Zen, stress relief and meditative calm. Through natural birch sticks, the soothing yet powerful therapeutic touch penetrates the meridians of the body, enhancing the deep healing of the body, mind and soul. Before the commencement of the body or facial therapy sessions, gentlemen can choose to indulge in traditional wet shaving treatment, which utilizes premium wet shaving products, supplemented by smooth and skillful techniques to aid relaxation, reduce discomfort and soften the beard.

East-West Fusion to Revinvent Luxury Treatment

Although the collaboration between Four Seasons Hotel Beijing and Swiss Perfection traces back to 2021, the internationally renowned Swiss luxury skincare brand has been integrated into several spa experiences for the first time, ranging from rejuvenation treatments and intensive repair masks to body and facial wellness therapies and massages.

Swiss Perfection contains a high-tech plant cell extraction technology based on cell therapy, and incorporates Cellular Active IRISA ingredients to create a unique active complex that can stimulate skin metabolism and regeneration. Supplemented by Swiss Perfection skincare products and its unique technology, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing combines ancient oriental wisdom and modern professional wellness techniques to achieve an East-West fusion. Incorporating professionalism, thoughtful service and comfortable spaces, the synergy creates an extraordinary and immersive luxury spa experience.

From now, guests can call +86 (10) 5695 8826 to make reservations and enquire about Swiss Perfection’s professional care for men. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.

The Spa, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Combining ancient oriental wisdom and modern professional wellness techniques, and with premium customized therapy and effective wellness programs, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing offers guests a luxurious spa experience. Amid the private and secluded Tea Garden, the Hotel offers a tranquil oasis to aid the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Located on Level 6, 11 cocoon-shaped treatment rooms surround the Tea Garden, along with 4 treatment rooms for couples and 5 treatment rooms for singles, presenting a spacious, peaceful and tranquil haven for guests to re-energize, rejuvenate and relax.