Peach Blossom Meow's Spring Encounter: Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Joins Hands with Artist Nie Jingzhu to Launch the “Tao” Afternoon Tea

March 15, 2023,
Beijing, China

Peach Blossom Yaoyao, faintly meowing. Four Seasons Hotel Beijing joined hands with artist Nie Jingzhu to launch the “Tao” afternoon tea. The cat's bright, cute and elusive, sometimes lively and sometimes cold, to a certain extent, confirming the beauty, hope and mystery of people's hearts. Realizing self-projection can also give it more meaning. The cat is our mirror.

Visual artist and designer Nie Jingzhu created a series of images with the theme of "meow," just like the ancient Egyptian legend of the magic mirror of the cat god Buster, who believed that the inner posture of the person can be reflected in the mirror, and the ancient Greek phrase "know yourself" engraved by the sages in the Delphi Temple is just like the Chinese Buddhist tradition of "seeing yourself, then seeing the world, and seeing all living beings." The romantic and fragrant peach blossoms imply smart and elegant cats, unique artistic presentation forms, novel artistic creation techniques, taste different liveliness and cuteness in delicious food, and encounter a more real self in taste. When the hustle and bustle of society gradually covers us up, we should stop and find our true self.

Bai Fan, Executive Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, takes the peach blossom meow as the main element, constructing a peach blossom hidden on the tip of the tongue of the four seasons. The peach blossom-like spring is integrated into each delicate dessert, which echoes the artistic elements of peach blossom meow. The exquisite cat is paired with almond cream puffs, and it becomes a delicacy that can be tasted on the tip of the tongue; guava and lychee are light and sweet; red berry mousse is embellished with peach blossoms, which is lively and beautiful; cherry blossom and peach-flavoured kidney bean cake is soft and sweet; the salty point is also echoed in pink, and the raspberry jelly foie gras tart is salty and sweet , cocktail sauce with crystal clear and delicious Hokkaido scallops, beetroot mousse puffs are crispy and rich, and egg crepe caviar sandwiches. In addition, there are classic scones and carefully formulated cat's claw special drinks, which are sprouting in this spring season.

The pink and cute cats make guests feel warm and comfortable in the crowded and chaotic city, and return to themselves. Sitting on a comfortable sofa, the floor-to-ceiling windows reflect the banks of the Liangma River, and feel the comfort of being integrated with nature.

From March 10 to May 10, 2023, guests can enjoy the “Tao” afternoon tea at the Opus Lounge of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. Each set is CNY 358 for a single person, and each set is CNY 618 for two people. Champagne can also be upgraded caviar set, CNY 1988 per set. Prices are subject to 15 percent service charge.

For more information about afternoon tea, call the Opus Lounge of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing +86 (10) 5695 8532.

About Nie Jingzhu

Visual artist and designer Nie Jingzhu graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and was awarded the honorary title of "Designer of the Year, Youth Model." He was the graphic visual director of major domestic theatre festivals and industry events including Beijing Youth Theatre Festival and Wuzhen Theatre Festival. His art design works cover almost all aspects of Chinese contemporary drama culture. As a perennial partner of national performing arts institutions such as the National Center for the Performing Arts, National Theatre and Beijing People's Arts, he has formed a stable cooperative relationship with top domestic drama artists. His unique design concept constructs a cognitive symbol of contemporary theatre aesthetics. In the past 20 years, he has devoted himself to the profound accumulation of poster art, and has become a famous brand of Chinese drama and contemporary art. In the two-way interaction between Chinese drama and the world, with his strong artistic style, he has become the signature language of the fusion of Chinese contemporary drama and contemporary art.