In Full Bloom: Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Partners with GEORG JENSEN to Launch the Spring Blossoms Afternoon Tea

April 1, 2024,
Beijing, China

From April 1 to June 30, 2024, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing is collaborating with the timeless Danish brand to launch the Spring Blossoms Afternoon Tea. Drawing inspiration from GEORG JENSEN's iconic Queen's Crown emblem and their latest jewellery creations, delectable treats are crafted using seasonal ingredients presented in Scandinavian-style designer tableware, crafting a perfect ambience for a delightful spring rendezvous.

Four Seasons Hotel Beijing is committed to delving into life's intricacies and encapsulating the essence of artistic narratives through a journey of discovery with its esteemed guests. By blending contemporary aesthetics with the wisdom of Eastern philosophies, the Hotel creates a perfect synergy between two brands devoted to excellence and sophistication. From the Bernadotte-series tiered cake stands to the Bloom-series serving bowls, guests are enveloped in a realm of exquisite craftsmanship and refined design.

The gentle breezes of spring awaken a poetic appreciation for the season, inspiring the refined creations of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. Adorned with the timeless elegance of the Daisy series and accentuated by GEORG JENSEN's regal crown logo, these delicacies breathe freshness and vitality into every bite. Crafted with meticulous care, each morsel celebrates nature's finest springtime harvest, orchestrating a delicate interplay of sweet and savoury flavours that harmonize in perfect symphony, preserving the essence of every ingredient. Drawing inspiration from the maze-like curves of the GEORG JENSEN Fusion jewellery series, the tropical fruit cheesecake exudes the essence of spring; its smooth and dense cream blending fruity sweetness with a tantalizing touch of sourness, inviting one to immerse in a leisurely moment embraced by the sun's warmth. Meanwhile, the savoury selection, boasting shrimp tartare, salmon, foie gras, red wine jelly, and black truffle, elevates each bite to an ethereal experience reminiscent of a gentle caress of spring, initiating a blissful journey through flavours on a leisurely afternoon above the clouds.

Amid the spring afternoon, guests can luxuriate in a variety of plain or raisin scones, elegantly paired with cream and fruit jam, alongside a selection of freshly cut fruits, and a choice of tea or coffee. They can also bask in the serene ambience of the outdoor garden by the Liangma River. Commencing April 1, 2024, guests are cordially invited to partake in the Spring Blossoms Afternoon Tea at the Lobby Lounge of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, priced at CNY 258 for one person, CNY 498 for two persons, CNY 588 for two persons (inclusive of caviar), and CNY 1288 for two persons (inclusive of champagne and caviar). Prices are subject to an additional 15 percent service charge.

Amid the gentle caress of warm breezes and the burgeoning allure of spring, immerse in the essence of the season at the Lobby Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. Surrounded by meticulously arranged blossoms, embrace the serene sophistication and unique naturalistic aesthetics of northern Europe. Amid life's bustling rhythm, take a moment to luxuriate in the bountiful gifts of spring bestowed by nature. For further details about the afternoon tea,  contact the Lobby Lounge at +86 (10) 5695 8532.