The Four Seasons Experience in Colombia Starts and Winds Up with the Best Coffee

Bogota, Colombia

At Four Seasons Bogota and Casa Medina, pure Colombian coffee is a welcoming gesture and the way of saying goodbye to guests until next time. Its aroma and deep but gentle flavour symbolizes the essence of the country and the spirit of its people.

Starting a foggy or a sunny morning in Bogotá with a Colombian specialty coffee is the way to go. Always subtle and balanced, every cup brings hints of flavours that make it taste like a specific region of the country and a sense of place. The quality of a coffee is determined, of course, by the way in which it is grown and the fertility of the lands where it is harvested. However, its nuances and unique features depend on whether it comes from small or micro lots that are traceable and exclusive, the way in which it is roasted, and on how it is stored and prepared.

Four Seasons works in tandem with the Colombian roaster coffee house Tropicália to transmit the stories of dozens of local farmers and the lands they inhabit. Apart from bringing a crucial conversation about sustainability and fair trade to the table, with which both brands are fully committed, this work is all about bringing guests the perfect cup of coffee.

Tasting Coffee

As part of its offer of memorable experiences, Four Seasons Bogota and Casa Medina have designed a signature coffee plantation tour led by coffee farmers at La Trinidad coffee farm just a couple of hours from Bogotá. The visit includes observing and learning about the harvesting process, preparation methods, flavours and aromas involved in coffee tasting, inspired by the beautiful landscape of the hacienda.

A coffee tasting session is also available at Four Seasons Bogota and Casa Medina, led by coffee experts coming from Tropicália, coffee growers, and the team of Four Seasons baristas and connoisseurs. Guests can schedule it at Castanyoles and La Biblioteca, the restaurants at these locations, or in one of the private attached rooms.

Spa Coffee Ritual

The Colombian green coffee wrap is a signature body treatment that uses natural enzymes to repair and improve skin appearance. It lasts 120 minutes in total with 30 minutes focused on the neck and back, and a body scrub based on an Arabic coffee and cacao mixture that hydrates and softens the skin while removing dead skin cells. It also helps with fluid retention, cellulite, and rough skin texture. It is recommended to repeat the treatment at least twice, and ideally six times, with the same mixture or in combination with another great signature treatment: the citrus paradise ritual.

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Coffee Menu

Everyday life at Four Seasons Bogota and Casa Medina happens under the spell of a selection of specialty Colombian coffees grown by small farmers in regions such as Antioquia, Cauca, and Tolima. The following types, carefully roasted by Tropicália, are available in the Hotels’ breakfast and all-day menu: black coffee brewed in the Colombian way (known as tinto), Americano, Espresso, Macchiato, Latte, French Press, Mocha, Iced coffee, Iced Mocha, and Iced Latte. The Hotels are constantly working to offer grains from as many producers and types as possible, and to keep exploring the world of coffee preparation methods and the profile of flavours.

These precious grains are also used in desserts by the pastry team, and in Four Seasons amenities and souvenirs based on both cacao and coffee. These characteristically Colombian aromas and flavours are well worth taking back home.

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