Blue Bosphorus Breeze: A Fragrant Journey by Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

Against the stunning backdrop of the Bosphorus, Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus and Atelier Rebul have embarked on a timeless journey between continents, creating a special collaboration that promises to transport cherished memories
January 26, 2024,
Istanbul, Türkiye

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus, in partnership with Atelier Rebul, introduces a captivating blend of scents that invites a sensory experience. Specially curated for the Hotel, the collection features a reed diffuser and a candle, both housed in a stylish glass design reflecting the turquoise hues of the Bosphorus.

Crafted by Atelier Rebul, renowned for its fascinating and iconic collections, the base notes of this enticing collection are infused with the refreshing essence reminiscent of cool waters. A harmonious fusion of sea salt, amber, cedarwood, lemon, grapefruit, citrus, and bergamot fragrances creates a memorable impact, leaving a lasting impression on the senses.

The exclusive collection carries the signature scent of the “Blue Bosphorus Breeze,” seamlessly bringing the distinctive accommodation experience provided by Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus to homes. Guests can relive this special olfactory journey within the confines of their rooms during their stay, extending the sensory exploration and memories back to their homes.

This limited-edition collection comprises exclusive items, including a 500 ml reed diffuser, a 210 gram candle, and a Miniature Home Kit featuring mini versions of these products. Enthusiasts can acquire these special items directly from Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus.