Chocolate Easter Eggs at Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogota

March 20, 2024,
Bogota (Casa Medina), Colombia

Easter is a Christian festivity that commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring Equinox. This year, Easter falls on March 31, 2024. Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogota will host its traditional brunch at Castanyoles joining an important moment for billions of people around the world that at the same time celebrates the joy of children.

Hand-Decorated Eggs and the Egg Hunt

Blending cultural traditions and a religious ritual, Easter ends the Lent period. Therefore, festive foods are consumed: eggs, ham, bread, savoury vegetarian and meat-based dishes, and candies. But apart from being prohibited during the fasting period and the Holy Week, eggs are a special symbol of the rebirth that comes with spring every year, and that Resurrection Day represents on its own religious terms. Painting and decorating them is a practice that can be traced back to the Middle Ages and that continues to be a favourite activity to do with children throughout the month of March.

And even when many people still decorate cooked chicken eggs, the delicious chocolate egg is the most popular nowadays, along with a more portable plastic egg filled with candy or chocolate.

The pastry team at Castanyoles is doubling its efforts and bringing all the magic of their creativity to make their signature chocolate eggs beautifully decorated one by one, by hand, with different patterns, colours, and themes. As true painters, the team starts by defining the design of the outside layer of each egg and imprinting the acetate moulds with edible cocoa butter-based inks, to then be fully filled with milk or white chocolate. The eggs then need to rest for some minutes in the fridge to be set before being carefully demoulded. These treats are available in three different sizes: small (COP 30,000), medium (COP 70,000), and big (COP 150,000). They won’t break the current world record for the biggest Easter egg ever made, currently held by an egg in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil with a diameter of 10.88 metres (36 feet) and a height of 16.72 metres (55 feet), but they’ll certainly be perfect for the occasion.

The famous Easter Bunny, a popular symbol, is supposed to decorate the eggs, and hide them for the kids. In some countries the rabbit also leaves candies such as jelly beans and different animals made with marshmallows such as chicks and baby bunnies, as well as little gifts in baskets that resemble nests. In other countries, it is the cuckoo or the fox who paints the eggs, and playfully hides them like the rabbit does.

With the same light-hearted spirit, Four Seasons will decorate the restaurant on Easter Sunday, offering brunch specials, music, and games. The Easter egg hunt is a must. The staff at Four Seasons will have everything prepared for a super hunt in which kids will have fun finding the eggs. Regardless of their success, every one of them will be given a signature Four Seasons chocolate egg.

For information about the handmade chocolate eggs and brunch reservations, send a text message to WhatsApp +57 316 5230361, or call +601 3257918. Find more information on Four Seasons social networks: @fscasamedina @castanyoles.