Surrender to the Healing Vibrations of Mae Rim Valley

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Long-recognised for its profound therapeutic benefits, traditional sound healing therapy uses "singing bowls" that produce a unique tone. The low-frequency sound waves and vibrations generated by these bowls can have lasting effects on the mind, by inducing a deeply relaxed and meditative state. “Many of us live and work in environments that may cause an imbalance of rhythm - both in body and mind,” shares Dheeraj Singh Patwal, Health and Wellness Manager at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. Following an ancient Tibetan technique, the bowls - made of ceramic, metal or quartz - are used to harnesses the healing effects of sound waves, to rid the self of these accumulated stresses. “This therapy is based on the principle that everything in the universe exudes energy through vibrations,” he adds.

Mae Rim Magic

With an idyllic countryside setting, amidst verdant rice-paddies and ensconced by nature, the Resort is the perfect place to maximize the benefits of these wondrous singing bowls. Patwal explains that the humming of the bowls, in concert with the sounds of birds and water, has a compounding effect. Using specially crafted crystal bowls to produce a mellow sound, the healing of the body and mind is felt instantaneously. “Bathe in nature’s beauty while tuning into your inner vibrations that are harmonised by the singing bowls,” he smiles.

Holistic Healing

The miraculous healing of this experience is felt in a unique way by each person. “It all depends on your current state of mind,” he shares, “While this is a guided healing process, the experience itself is profound for each individual.”

Sound healing and mediation is said to improve breathing and circulation, alleviate aches and pains, and strengthen the immune system. In the spiritual aspect, it is known to help open new doors of compassion and love, while overcoming the cycle of judgement, blame and self-repression. “When the body is bathed in the sound, aches and pains disappear, and the spirit feels rejuvenated,” adds Patwal.

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