Celebrating the Heart of Service: Four Seasons Hotel Chicago Honours 35 Years of Service Excellence and Day-One Employee Dedication

Honouring the Housekeeping champions who are grounded in genuine care
March 6, 2024,
Chicago, U.S.A.

This month, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago proudly celebrates Luxury Legends Bisi (Tai) Rufai and Lorine (Rine) Diggins from the remarkable Housekeeping team whose wealth of expertise, perspective, and boundless creativity continue to drive excellence across the Hotel.

Tai Rufai, Housekeeping Assistant Manager

After 35 incredible years at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, Tai reflects on the essence of the Hotel, which lies in its commitment to care, both for guests and employees alike. "We work so hard in Housekeeping to ensure our guests feel cherished every day," she shares. "I love the team I work with, and we take care of each other too."

Tai's motivation stems from the joy of witnessing guests faces light up during their visit. "In Chicago, our guests have many options of places to stay, and they choose us. That feels special," she adds. Tai fondly remembers the Hotel's humble beginnings, where teamwork transformed a soft opening of 65 rooms into a grand debut of more than 100, showcasing the power of her team.

Rine Diggins, Housekeeping Coordinator

Rine finds motivation in the team’s enduring commitment to the Golden Rule, to treat others as you would like to be treated. "We provide the best service by treating guests like family," she says. Over the Hotel’s physical evolution over the years, Rine attests to the unwavering dedication to excellence that defines Four Seasons Hotel Chicago. "I can say that the high-quality service we provide and the standards we follow have stayed the same throughout my years here at Four Seasons Chicago," she emphasizes.

Rine and Tai are the inspiring champions, alongside many others, shaping the Chicago Four Seasons experience, reflecting a true understanding of human connection.

Luxury Legends is a monthly series celebrating the day-one employees at the Hotel. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook throughout the year and hear more from the people driving the legacy, and whose dedication and passion are a vision of hospitality.