Discover Serenity with the "Kularb Lanna" Ritual for a Relaxing Rose of the North Experience at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Resort pays tribute to the beauty and tranquillity of Chiang Mai – nicknamed the Rose of the North
January 23, 2024,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Situated at the base of Thailand’s breath-takingly scenic and mountainous North, Chiang Mai is a tropical wonderland, rich in both natural and cultural heritage. The beauty of the landscape and the mindful way of living offer residents and visitors a profound healing – one that can only be experienced by being aware and conscious of the effects.

Paying Homage

Drawing on this natural bounty and a keen focus on living a life in balance, Wara Cheewa Spa at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai has carved a singular reputation for its unique blend of traditional healing wisdom and modern techniques. As Director of Spa, Saowapa Thumapun explains, “Every element used in a therapy has been identified for its intrinsic value and its benefits when combined with the others. Our primary focus is the help our guests balance the sacred scales of wellbeing – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.” With the latest signature experience, Kularb Lanna, Thumapun and her team not only bring the virtues of unique local ingredients, but also pay tribute to the rich heritage of Chiang Mai, fondly referred to as the Rose of the North. Grown exclusively for the Resort, the Chulalongkorn Rose adds a special touch of nostalgia to this experience as the rose was cultivated and named by Princess Dararasami in a tribute to her lasting affection for the King.

Wellbeing Ritual

Beginning with a 30-minute rose scented scrub, guests will first experience a gentle, cleansing exfoliation. “This in-house recipe includes organic red jasmine rice, dried rose petals, rice bran and jojoba oils,” shares Thumapun, “The shea butter here is a spa secret!” While the red rice germ provides natural vitamin-E rich exfoliant, shea butter offers the much-needed hydration. The best way to prepare for this experience? “A warm water soak prior to this ritual, so that the skin is softened and the pores are naturally receptive,” she smiles.

Rosy Healing

The scrub is followed by a divine aromatic massage using rose scented candles. Made locally from a blend of soy and beeswax, these candles melt into a soothing, fragrant oil at a comforting 39-40 degrees Celsius that is perfectly suited for therapeutic purposes. Relaxing, longer strokes aimed at relieving tension and encouraging circulation make this massage deeply impactful, with the Spa’s trained therapists working their craft. “Rose petals have a delicate and refreshing aroma that can be profoundly relaxing. When used as a scent in an oil massage, the effect can be almost aphrodisiacal – something the ancient cultures were certainly aware of from the range of scents and perfumes that used the essence of rose,” remarks Thumapun. Couples will find this ritual transformative, and she encourages guests to experiences this bliss with their partners, “An indulgence that engages all the senses, concluding in a freshly brewed rose-petal tea,” she smiles.

The experience can be reserved by calling +66 053 298 181, emailing or through real-time chat via the FS App.

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