The Secret Garden Spa at Four Seasons Koh Samui Welcomes Acclaimed Holistic Healers Paramjot Singh Khalsa and Evelyn Param Dhyan Wörz

February 27, 2023,
Koh Samui, Thailand

Guests of Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui can embark on a weeklong program of mindful healing with a focus on yoga, naturopathy and meditative release, and a “soulistic” approach to wellness with the uniquely talented Paramjot Singh Khalsa and Evelyn Param Dhyan Wörz. Visiting The Secret Garden Spa for a week from March 7, 2023, the pair will conduct a “Miraculous Week” of therapeutic interventions. “We are delighted to welcome Khalsa and Wörz back to the Resort to elevate the mindfulness and healing experience offered at our spa,” smiles Kotchaphan Mekloy, Director of Spa.

Healing Touch

Gifted with intuitive healing abilities, Khalsa and Wörz synchronise their talents to present a unique tandem healing program. A certified Kundalini Yoga trainer, Khalsa has spent years studying Vedic and Buddhist meditative techniques and has performed countless successful interventions on people with lifestyle imbalances and disorders. “His refined vipassana and pranayama sessions in combination with reiki will help harmonize the mind and body and achieve profound inner peace,” shares Mekloy.

A naturopathic specialist and Master Reiki Healer, Wörz’s skills in yoga, trauma release, addiction therapy, and mental health are deeply transformative. “Her own brand of alternative therapy called 'Touch of Soul' is an intuitive healing practice that has seen remarkable success the world-over,” she adds.

Holistic Wellness

For Khalsa and Wörz, a partnership with Four Seasons Resorts Thailand is particularly special. “It gives us immense pleasure to meet and interact with the guests, as they seek deep holistic healing, as well as new and more meaningful ways to live,” shares the duo.

Curated specifically to achieve maximum results, the schedule for “Miraculous Week” between March 7 and March 12, 2023 offers a combination of complimentary and private sessions covering various aspects of mindfulness and wellbeing. “The sessions will pair hands-on healing therapies with subtle meditative practices to encourage release and repair while inspiring happiness and healing,” adds Mekloy.

  • Touch Of Soul Healing Ritual: Transporting guests into a state of soul-deep relaxation, or a relaxed state of mind or shunia (meaning zero), this session helps release physical and emotional blocks through angelic, cosmogenic healing, combined with Reiki. “Balancing the mental and physical body, this healing session helps connect soul and body by inducing a deeper inner dialogue. Discover your inner voice and allow it to lead you on a path to recovery and wellbeing,” shares Khalsa.
  • Kundalini Yoga: Designed to de-congest and combat both physical and mental clutter by eliciting the subconscious mind, guests journey beyond past traumas to a healthier place with new possibilities and a clarity of mind. “This yogic session allows you to access the inner self, and draw on the miraculous healing energies that are within us,” shares Wörz.
  • Sacred Couple Union (Couple Ritual): This intimate and stirring ritual inspires a divine connection between couples. “This is a powerful, meditative, and emotional cleansing therapy that draws on the senses, allowing the eyes and body to engage, and your souls to connect. An intimate relationship can access the deepest meditative powers of yoga by transcending the barriers of the self,” reveals Khalsa.

In addition to these highlight therapies, Khalsa and Wörz will share other healing rituals during the “Miraculous Week.” The Healing Rebirth Ritual with Fire ceremony helps explore the layers of the mind, creating a foundation for change, while the Sensory Sound Bath Healing is a unique meditative ritual. “This experience uses the therapeutic qualities of sound waves of a traditional Buddhist gong and Tibetan singing bowls to bring about holistic healing,” says Khalsa. The Full Moon Ritual is an esoteric healing experience that channels lunar forces to access primal emotions and energies. “We will continue to stay on Koh Samui for a time to come, and are happy to offer personalised yoga and healing programs on request through the Resort,” says the duo.

For reservations, email, call 66 0 7724 3000, or chat via the FS Chat App.


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