Zelo at Four Seasons Hotel Milano Introduces a New Plant-Based Menu

Executive Chef Fabrizio Borraccino and Natalie Prhat have collaborated on a new plant-based gourmet experience

July 13, 2023,
Milan, Italy

Fabrizio Borraccino, the Executive Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Milano, introduces a new plant-based gourmet experience at restaurant Zelo created in collaboration with the acclaimed Chef Natalie Prhat.

Known for meticulously sourcing the best seasonal ingredients, Fabrizio Borraccino decided to put himself to the test with a new challenge: the creation of a gourmet plant-based menu. For this new project, he relied on the expertise of Canadian Chef Natalie Prhat.

Chef and creator of cuisine lines, Natalie is a passionate supporter of healthy living, which starts with choosing a plant-based diet. She has already contributed to the creation of plant-based menus at Four Seasons in Costa Rica, Anguilla and Orlando - helping teams develop creative dishes and an unforgettable plant-based dining experience for their guests. Thanks to her experience, Natalie brings to the kitchen a deep understanding of the flavours, textures, tastes, and sensory experiences that each vegetable possesses.

Specializing in understanding and developing today's culinary needs, Natalie goes beyond the conventional with creations that range from ultra-healthy and simple to elaborate cuisine. The goal shared with Fabrizio is to capture the senses by offering a culinary experience in the Hotel that emphasizes the value of vegetables, their nuances, aromas, the essence of the seasons and the purity of the ingredients.

Natalie and Fabrizio have incorporated and selected nutritious and sustainable ingredients, such as textured vegan proteins and nutritional yeast, to offer a wide range of flavours and textures that satisfy the most demanding palates. An example is eggplant parmigiana, whose flavour and colour are those of traditional parmigiana, but made with a mixture of lightly toasted nuts and seasonings. In the sweet potato gnocchi, scapece zucchini and wild herbs, sweet potato is combined with chickpea flour and vegetable butter, creating a savoury contrast of spices and zucchini with crunchy wild herbs.

Both chefs are committed to exploring and developing innovative plant-based creations for the curious traveller and foodie.  Natalie and Fabrizio have remained true to their DNA but have pushed the boundaries of taste and imagination to offer guests a truly extraordinary and new dining experience at the iconic hotel that is Four Seasons Hotel Milano, in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

The plant-based menu is available at the Zelo Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Milano for lunch and dinner – alongside the classic offerings.

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