Celebrate the Sweetest of Festive Seasons with Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

October 27, 2023,
Seoul, Korea

With the festive holidays fast approaching, Executive Pastry Chef Jimmy Boulay, master pâtissier and chocolatier at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, has unveiled two showstopping signature Christmas cakes evoking all the magic of the season.

At the Hotel’s bright Lobby café, Confections, the classic Red Christmas Cake (available from November 17 to December 31, 2023) epitomises opulent luxury with its moreish medley of velvety chocolate mousse, moist sponge and a gingerbread-spiced crémeux, while the minimalist White Christmas Cake (from December 1 to 31, 2023) is a stunning sculptural delight that takes the form of a Christmas tree, celebrating the season with elegance and flair.

Each hand-crafted cake is available to collect in person from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, with three days advance notice.* Set to wow as a festive centrepiece at home or savoured with family, the cakes are not just desserts; they celebrate Christmas traditions, artistry, and the finest ingredients, all woven together to create an unforgettable holiday experience.

The Brilliance of Boulay

With a deep-rooted passion for sumptuous desserts, Chef Jimmy Boulay is one of his generation’s most exciting culinary stars, having honed his expertise in the three-Michelin-starred kitchens of culinary legends Pierre Gagnaire and Alain Ducasse. His meticulously crafted Christmas cakes embody his dedication to the art of pâtisserie and his desire to create unforgettable, sensory-rich experiences.

The White Christmas Cake wows as much with its minimalist sculptural Christmas tree design as it does with its luxurious, homemade vanilla paste, meticulously crafted from whole Madagascan vanilla beans to capture their rich and complex flavours. The cake unfolds its magic through layers of a crunchy biscuit base, airy vanilla mousse, and moist almond sponge, each bite a journey through texture and taste. It’s finished with a drizzle of sweet caramel sauce and a velvety vanilla crémeux and enveloped in a lustrous glaze with vanilla seeds. The tree’s delicate texture is created with a white chocolate spray that delicately catches the light like shimmering ice under the moonlight. Price: KRW 178,000.

The Red Christmas Cake is a culinary homage to European Christmas traditions, intertwining a lavish tapestry of festive flavours. Beneath its glossy glaze, layers of velvety chocolate mousse, moist sponge and a spiced crémeux enriched with a warming medley of gingerbread spices – nutmeg, coriander, black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon – are accented with zesty bursts of lemon and orange.

The journey through textures continues with a biscuit base made with a rich almond and hazelnut praline, and a cherry compote that adds a tart burst to the decadent ensemble – just as the first snowfall of the season awakens the senses. The cake is iced with a classic Christmas tree and intricate seasonal decorations crafted using the “écriture au cornet” technique, showcasing Chef Jimmy Boulay’s dedication to preserving traditional pastry artistry. Price: KRW 98,000.

Alongside these signature masterpieces, a further array of artisan festive cakes is available in large sizes (L) to takeaway or as individual pieces (S) to savour with tea or coffee at Confections, including: the luscious Strawberry Seasonal (L - KRW 99,000; S - KRW 22,000); the decadent Chestnut Cheesecake (L - KRW 75,000); and the melt-in-the-mouth Hazelnut Mille Feuille (L - KRW 79,000 ; S - KRW 22,000).

Four Seasons at Home

Designed to put the ease in festive planning and feasting, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul opens its festive eShop from November 17, 2023. Simply choose from the range of luxury options hand-crafted by world-class chefs and pick up from Confections. Find out more here.


*Pre-order time depends on cake requested but allow at least three days and ensure early orders for key dates – December 24, 25, and 31.

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Director of Public Relations and Communications
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Seoul, 100-210
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Director of Marketing
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