Introducing Fresca at Four Seasons Hotel Dalian: A French-Inspired Sweet Retreat

March 27, 2024,
Dalian, China

Fresca, situated in the lobby of Four Seasons Hotel Dalian, has recently opened for business. Specializing in classic French desserts, Fresca offers an assortment of treats, including freshly baked pastries, intricately handcrafted chocolates and macarons, adding a touch of sweetness to every part of the customer's experience.

In the interplay of light and shadow, immerse in a serene atmosphere

Fresca, with its fresh and refreshin' ambiance, aims to provide guests with a sense of delight. The combination of gray and wood tones creates an inviting yet sophisticated setting, complemented by subtle decorative elements that enhance the space's charm. Sunlight plays a magical role at Fresca, streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows and filling the indoors with the healing energy of nature. This seamless connection between indoor and outdoor seating areas fosters an organic sense of relaxation. The shifting interplay of light and shadow adds depth to the space, offering a unique ambiance with a hint of sweetness in the air, from vibrant colours under clear skies to soft green hues in the evening light.

Abounding in sweetness, embracing exotic classics

Before even stepping inside, the rich aroma of coffee blends with the sweet scent of pastries, drawing visitors in. Freshly baked bread glistens under the lights, tempting the taste buds. The crisp crust of the apple pie balances the buttery richness with a hint of fruit acidity, while the chocolate croissant, shaped like a full-bodied butterfly, boasts both fragrance and flakiness. Unlike typical fast-rise yeast, Fresca's baked goods undergo a more intricate process involving French sourdough starters, resulting in a light and airy texture with a distinct wheat aroma. The light dining area offers a variety of options, from classic caesar salads with grilled chicken to Prague ham and cheese paninis, all surrounded by an array of grain breads, creating a harmonious blend of taste and nutrition. At the heart of the display case lie Fresca's signature French sweets: the Paris-Brest maintains its classic ring shape, filled with rich hazelnut cream, while the vanilla Saint Honoré, adorned with caramel puffs, exudes a creamy charm. Whether a devoted connoisseur of flavour or a proponent of health-conscious eating, visitors can indulge their desires in this sweet corner of Four Seasons Hotel Dalian.

Fresca boasts 11 indoor seats and 28 outdoor seats, making it an ideal spot for leisurely dates and relaxed afternoons. Choose a bright afternoon, soak in the sunshine, and treat oneself to a cup of coffee and a dessert, sinking into the plush chairs as while quietly savouring the relaxation and sophistication that Fresca has to offer.

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