Introducing HuiHai at Four Seasons Hotel Dalian: A Gathering of Global Selections

March 27, 2024,
Dalian, China

Perched atop Four Seasons Hotel Dalian, HuiHai restaurant offers an unmatched dining experience. With its awe-inspiring views and top-notch service, HuiHai beckons guests to embark on a culinary journey around the world.

Step into the bustling atmosphere of a European marketplace

Crafted by the esteemed Japanese design firm Strickland, HuiHai exudes the lively spirit of European markets with its vibrant colours and inviting decor. Rich wooden tables and intricate motifs infuse the space with rustic charm, while fruit sculptures add a playful element. From the seafood bar to the sizzling grill and dessert station, each area is meticulously curated to tantalize the taste buds and complement the stunning vistas of the ocean.

Delight in a cornucopia of flavours

HuiHai presents a diverse array of dishes inspired by cuisines from across the globe, ensuring there's something to please every palate. Whether one craves the bold flavours of spicy crab, the succulence of premium steaks, or the authentic taste of Italian pizzas, each dish is expertly crafted using the finest ingredients, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Experience unparalleled hospitality

Whether it's a business luncheon or a romantic dinner, HuiHai caters to every occasion with warmth and professionalism. With a team of skilled chefs and attentive staff, guests can unwind and savour every moment, confident that their dining experience is in capable hands. HuiHai sets the standard for luxury dining, seamlessly blending exceptional cuisine with impeccable service to create cherished memories that endure a lifetime.

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