Introducing Yotsuba at Four Seasons Hotel Dalian: Indulge in the Ultimate Japanese Culinary Experience

March 27, 2024,
Dalian, China

Yotsuba at Four Seasons Hotel Dalian is shaking up the local Japanese dining scene, blending Chinese and Japanese influences with a focus on quality and innovation.

Top-Notch Ingredients, Culinary Artistry

Yotsuba specializes in premium beef sourced from around the world. The name "Yotsuba" symbolizes good fortune, and the menu boasts a variety of beef, from local Snow Dragon beef to Angus beef from Australia and imported Wagyu from the United States. Guests can choose from a wide selection of meats, each with its own unique flavour profile, expertly prepared using various cooking techniques – from grilling on iron plates to delicate tempura frying. This commitment to culinary excellence, paired with a sip of sake, promises a flavourful journey with every bite.

The sushi and sashimi, expertly crafted by top sushi chefs, pay homage to Dalian's abundant seafood offerings. Guests can watch the chefs in action at the sushi counter, immersing themselves in the culinary experience. During lunch, guests can indulge in a variety of comforting Japanese dishes such as rice bowls, ramen, udon, and Osaka-style okonomiyaki, as well as signature dishes such as grilled seafood and honey-glazed eel.

A Fusion of Cultures, Aesthetic Harmony

Designed by the renowned Japanese design studio Strickland, Yotsuba seamlessly blends Chinese elegance with Japanese minimalism, creating a visually stunning and modern atmosphere. Bonsai trees and Japanese fabrics add authenticity to the space, while Chinese art pieces such as bamboo carvings and inkstones provide an Eastern touch. Natural elements such as wood, stone, and greenery create a serene and sophisticated ambiance, making it the perfect setting for various dining occasions, including business meetings, family gatherings, romantic dinners, and intimate gatherings.

In addition to the main dining area and sushi counter, Yotsuba-kyo offers private dining rooms for a more intimate dining experience, ensuring that guests receive impeccable service and an unforgettable culinary journey.

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