Bringing London's Premier Beauty Innovations to Qatar: Four Seasons Hotel Doha Unveils Its Partnership with Young LDN

Young LDN, renowned for its transformative treatments in the world of skin, beauty and aesthetics, extends its reach to Qatar, debuting at Four Seasons Hotel Doha
April 12, 2024,
Doha, Qatar

Young LDN, the award-winning skin and beauty brand acclaimed for its transformative treatments, is delighted to announce its arrival at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Doha Spa and Wellness Centre on April 12, 2024.

Bringing a wealth of expertise coupled with the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and treatments, Young LDN is set to create a truly bespoke experience at Four Seasons Hotel Doha tailored to every individual from Doha and beyond.

Young LDN opened the doors to their flagship London studio in 2018 with a mission to bring together expert aestheticians and advanced technology, and this collaboration between the two leading brands promises a remarkable experience for the local community of Doha and guests of the Hotel seeking new unforgettable facial and body treatments.

"In the heart of Qatar's pursuit of beauty and elegance, ranging from architectural marvels all the way to skincare, we are thrilled to introduce Young LDN to Doha for the first time. At Four Seasons Hotel Doha, we understand the importance of offering innovative and effective treatments that cater to enhancing both the aesthetic and wellness of our community. We are excited to partner with Young LDN to treat our guests to a series of transformative, non-invasive beauty experiences, tailored to their unique skincare needs," shares Julia Selyukova, Hotel Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Doha.

Young LDN will be the first and only location in Qatar – exclusively available at the Spa and Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Hotel Doha – to host The EmFace from BTL Aesthetics. This cutting-edge technology, recognised for its anti-ageing prowess, offers a needle-free FDA and CE-cleared treatment designed to target facial structures, resulting in lifted and toned skin. Utilising synchronised RF heating and HIFESTM technology, the EmFace treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production, effectively reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin firmness after just one session.

The journey begins with a comprehensive consultation led by expert aestheticians, ensuring personalised solutions tailored to individual skincare needs. The treatment incorporates a deep cleansing ritual, LED therapy, lymphatic boost massage, and the application of cosmeceutical ingredients via oxygen infusion, culminating in a rejuvenated complexion.

Under the guidance of Young LDN Chief International Aesthetician Sara Waterman, the Spa team at Young LDN and Four Seasons Hotel Doha strives to deliver bespoke experiences, catering to all ages and genders, and is committed to identifying and addressing each guest's unique skincare needs. “We are delighted and thrilled to introduce the first and only Emface non-surgical lift to Qatar. Opening up a whole new market and treatment options for both locals and Hotel guests of Four Seasons Doha to explore,” shares Sara Waterman. “Four Seasons Hotel Doha is a perfect match for us in Qatar, as both our internationally recognised brands have aligning visions for skin, beauty and health. We greatly complement one another and thus providing a much wider and technologically advanced choice of treatments.”

In addition to the EmFace treatment, guests and locals of Doha can indulge in a range of signature Young LDN treatments including:

  • YL Bespoke To You: A bespoke treatment, precisely tailored to each individual’s skin needs – be it tackling fine lines and wrinkles, addressing post-travel fatigue or resetting skin health with a deep cleanse.
  • Teen Signature Facial: Young guests at Four Seasons Hotel Doha can now experience London’s best teen facial, offering a gentle introduction to daily skincare. The treatment includes extractions to reduce blackheads and leave skin looking fresh, hydrated and healthy. Available for guests ages 12-17.
  • Growth Factor Treatments: This treatment harnesses the power of Epidermal Growth Factors (EGFs). These growth factors are meticulously reproduced and replicated in the laboratory to create a unique infusion to significantly boost skin vitality. These cells are then formulated into a serum and gently needled into the skin, delivering remarkable benefits.
  • Body Treatments: The BTL Lymphastim system is a non-invasive treatment designed to enhance lymphatic drainage and boost circulation, resulting in less dimpled and smoother skin.

To learn more and book an experience, contact Four Seasons Hotel Doha Spa and Wellness Centre team at +974 4494 8802 or chat via the Four Seasons App.