The Best Cultural Spots to Visit in Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Dive in to the rich history of Qatar by exploring the best cultural spots listed below with recommendations from Four Seasons Hotel Doha. Desert expeditions, contemporary museums and the local Souk Waqif are featured to showcase the beauty and rich history of Qatar and its people.  

East Meets West by Richard Serra

Four Seasons hotel Doha invites guests to discover East-West/West-East by Richard Serra, which has become a famous landmark and one of the most celebrated living sculptors in Qatar since its installation in 2014. This breath-taking sculpture, one hour drive from the Hotel, is in the Brouq nature reserve. It spans over a kilometre and comprises four steel plates, each over fourteen metres in height, placed in perfect alignment, beautifully enhancing the vast, desolate space in the heart of the desert. The result is spectacular and although modern, timeless.

Souk Waqif

A city renowned for its rich culture, guests can visit one of the most exclusive places off the beaten path inside Souq Waqif just a 12 minute drive from the Hotel. At this expansive bazaar, a taste of authentic Qatari life awaits visitors while picking up rare antiques and sampling local restaurants that offer a diverse variety of local and regional flavours. With its diverse shops, the area remains the social heart of Doha where you'll find everything from garments to spices, perfumes to diamonds, scented oils to falcons – not to mention horse stables and local authentic restaurants.

Qatar National Museum

For all museum lovers, it is well worth exploring the beautiful Qatar National Museum whose building is an enormous piece of art inspired by the shape of a desert rose. The interior design of the museum mirrors its striking exterior appearance, taking visitors along pathways and exhibition rooms created by the interlocking disks. The museum, a 15 minute drive from the Hotel, is dedicated to bringing to life the unique story of Qatar and its people, also giving voice to the nation’s rich heritage and culture.

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