New “From Kitchen to Bar” Cocktail Menu Brings a Taste of Innovation to Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

April 15, 2024,
Hangzhou at West Lake, China

With the unfolding of a new spring comes the thrilling new “From Kitchen to Bar” cocktail menu at the Lobby Lounge of Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake.  Ingredients transcend their mere role as sustenance, serving as muse within the confines of a glass. A captivating dialogue between culinary artistry and cocktail craft is evolving with elegance.

A visionary collaboration between Hotel Mixologist William Zhu and Chef de Cuisine Wilson Leong, the concept behind the innovative cocktail experience is segmented into chapters dedicated to spices, vegetables, and fruits. An array of spices is ingeniously incorporated into the cocktails, where their unique aromas intertwine with the mellow fragrance of alcohol, creating a distinctive flavour profile.

Hotel Mixologist William Zhu: "Over the past two years, I have incorporated the stunning landscapes of our Hotel and the Chinese 24 solar terms into my cocktail creations. Now, I believe it's time to delve deeper into self-exploration, yet in a return-to-basics approach. Nature has bestowed upon us a vast array of ingredients in our kitchen. 'From Kitchen to Bar' marks the beginning of this new narrative."

Porcini mushrooms and truffles are gifts from nature, the desire of connoisseurs and the soul of a creamy sauce. Oil-washed porcini with boiled caramel butter not only brings the umami, but also diminishes alcohol content in whiskey, to bring the smoothness.

Pink pepper is a berry native to Peru, which has an attractive fruity and rosin aroma when crushed, which is also widely used in perfumes. Sous vide was first used in France in the 1970s, to minimize water evaporation and loss of nutrients when cooking. While in mixology, slow cooking can extract and concentrate flavours in a more efficient way than traditional soaking methods.

Beetroot is best known by its full nutrients and phytochemicals, rich in natural antioxidants, favours in enriching blood and freezing age. When roasting, sugar in beetroot is released, while the caramelization from the slow roasting removes the earthy smell from the ingredients.

Do you feel numbness on your tongue when eating pineapple? This is because of the bromelain pineapple contains. Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and organic acids. With the traditional shaken method, ingredients inside shakers are thoroughly blended into a tropical mixture.

"The concept of zero-waste has always been at the forefront of my mind, but until now, I never had the opportunity to fully express it. I am grateful to William for enlightening me by inviting to join the new ‘From Kitchen to Bar’ cocktails creation, and I will offer him my unwavering support," shares Chef de Cuisine Wilson Leong.

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