Exclusive Boat Experiences by Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

For travellers seeking for the ultimate West Lake experience, Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake offers a journey like no other
Hangzhou at West Lake, China

“A voyage on West Lake offers more refreshment and delectation than any other experience on Earth” declared by Marco Polo upon visiting Hangzhou during the 13th century. The epic lake at the heart of the city, dotted with classic pagodas, ancient bridges and other cherished landmarks, has inspired poets, artists and writers for centuries. In 2011, the West Lake Cultural Landscape was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, acknowledged as the quintessence of Hangzhou’s classic charm and carrier of the city’s cultural and historical legacy.

For travellers seeking for the ultimate West Lake experience, Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake offers a journey like no other. True to Four Seasons’passion for fostering deep connections to each individual destination, where thoughtful design and local character opens one’s eyes and engages the spirit, guests are invited to float in style to their unforgettable Hangzhou stay at this magical lakeside retreat.

Guests are welcomed at the airport or train station and chauffeured to West Lake pier to board a traditional wooden rowing boat (or electric boat for larger groups) for a relaxing cruise to the Hotel. The journey takes guests from the main lake into its western reaches, an exclusive, secluded area since ancient times. Only an expert boatman can navigate this route, check-in formalities are seamlessly arranged and as guests arrive at the Hotel pier, a Chinese tea – featuring Longjing tea grown in the surrounding hills – welcomes them in classic Hangzhou style before being escorted to their rooms. Kickstart your next day’s journey with our special on-boat breakfast to appreciate the scenic beauty of the UNESCO West Lake.

A fun and sustainable way to discover West Lake, Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake has specially curated a Birdwatching Eco Tour program named “West Lake Wild Bird Exploration.” Guests get on a traditional wooden rowing boat to discover wild birds and their natural habitats. Guided by professional tour guides from the ZheJiang Wild Bird Society, the tour starts from the Hotel’s scenic garden before venturing around the West Lake. Bring your binoculars and a birdwatching map specifically designed for the tour, and get ready to be greeted by an array of colourful wild birds such as the white wagtail, the mandarin duck, the little egret and the spangled drongo. Should you be an ornithologist extraordinaire or simply a fan of the winged creatures, the tour will be a unique and exciting opportunity for you to get close to nature and experience a different side of West Lake’s alluring charm.

You can click here to book our Eco Tour Family Getaway for the exclusive experience.

West Lake Wild Bird Exploration

  • Monday to Saturday: CNY 3,600 net per boat
  • Every Sunday: CNY 450 net per person (boat cruise)


  • One hour bird watching eco Tour
  • Professional interpretation by experts from ZheJiang Wild Bird Society
  • Welcome amenities and fruits

For enquiries contact us via Four Seasons Chat from Mobile App or email us or call 86(571)8829-8888.