A Sweet Evening Soiree with Dessert Artist Chef Kevin Lopes: Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai Hosts Its First Dessert Degustation Event in NAYUU

April 11, 2024,
Hoi An, Vietnam

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai will host its first dessert degustation event in Central Vietnam, “A Sweet Evening Soiree” with well-known dessert artist Chef Kevin Lopes on April 22 and 23, 2024 from 8:00 to 10:00 pm at NAYUU, the Resort’s newly opened Japanese omakase restaurant.

Presented in an intimate communal dining setting for up to 16 guests per night, this theatrical and interactive evening invites guests to indulge in a tantalizing seven-course artistry dessert menu featuring delectable sweet treats paired with fine dessert wine and premium champagne such as Taittinger Nocturne, Kir Royal and Chateau Nairac Barsac. For maximum freshness and sustainability, Chef Kevin curates decadent desserts from scratch by using most parts of the local ingredients combined with unique culinary techniques.

NAYUU will partner with five world-renowned chefs to share their culinary experiences and create refined menus that activate the quintessential five tastes of Japanese cuisine, Gomi, - sweet, salty, bitter sour, and umami. An up close and personal evening of sweet indulgence with Chef Kevin Lopes is the first of a series of visiting chefs to activate the sweet sense, Amai, in its aromatic and luxurious embodiment.

Armed with years of training and extensive experience working and obtaining Michelin-star recognitions in hotel and restaurant kitchens across Europe and the Middle East, the French dessert artist brings elements of the destination to his pastries and desserts by drawing on the exotic flavours from Vietnam and the vibrancy of natural colours from the local ingredients.

For a mesmerizing discovery of artistry desserts with Chef Kevin, contact NAYUU at +84 235 394 000 or book online on the Resort’s website to reserve a seat. The dessert-degustation experience is available for only VND 6,000,000 nett per person while a seven-course dessert indulgence is available for VND 3,000,000 nett per person. A la carte beverages will be available for guests who prefer additional drink selections.