Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai Presents Master of Contemporary Yakiniku and Personalised Omakase at NAYUU

May 6, 2024,
Hoi An, Vietnam

The new Japanese omakase restaurant at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai proudly presents Spanish-born, Japanese-trained Chef de Cuisine Alex Moranda to showcase his talented skills in handcrafting refined omakase dishes. Blending the lively ambience of contemporary yakiniku (grilled meats) with the theatre of counter omakase (translating as "I’ll leave it up to you"), Chef Alex’s contemporary approach elevates traditional Japanese culinary while engaging diners in a refined, interactive dining experience.  

At the 16-seat omakase counter at NAYUU, Chef Alex treats his guests to an intimate culinary showcase with an invitation to engage with him as he selects cuts of aged Japanese beef, each cut distinct in flavour and texture, and prepares the finest dishes of the day. Standout features of the menu include fresh, flavourful sushi and the notable Kappo Niku, presented in two servings, capturing the essence of this immersive and refined dining experience.

Recently opened in March 2024, NAYUU’s doors open up to sweeping views of the Central Vietnamese coast and highlight seafood collected from nearby waters. His enthusiasm and perfectionism have taken him from the Michelin-starred kitchens of Madrid to notable eateries in Aspen, Saint-Tropez, Hamburg, Panama City and Seychelles.

Working for some of the world’s top hospitality brands worldwide, Chef Alex has won plaudits for his attention to detail, imagination, and commitment to sourcing the finest local ingredients. Renowned for his fusion of traditional and contemporary cooking techniques, he is also celebrated for creating personalised dining experiences that leave a lasting impression on his guests, elevating each meal into a memorable culinary journey.

Chef Alex’s affinity for Japanese cuisine is rooted in a personal journey that began at sixteen years old when his father, a famous flamenco dancer, relocated to Japan to advance his career. “During those formative years, I was deeply immersed in Japanese culture, language and culinary traditions,” Chef Alex remembers. “I enrolled in the Sushi Tokyo Academy and then went on to obtain the prestigious Kobe Beef Certificate for crafting with the renowned beef, known for its exquisite marbling, rich umami flavour and clean finish.” His crowning achievement was the creation of the first 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant, a Japanese haute cuisine brand he then sold, with his legacy living on in its global presence and international acclaim.

With a crystal-clear vision for his new restaurant, Chef Alex sees the new space as a place for travellers and locals alike to connect over small plates of dishes bursting with freshness and flavours that pay homage to the pure clean aesthetic of traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern-day twist.

Looking ahead, Chef Alex is excited to experiment with local flavours and ingredients. He is particularly keen on experimenting with the herbs grown in the Resort garden, intending to garnish his dishes with a distinctive Vietnamese touch. Aligning with his philosophy of embracing local cultures and flavours, this integration enhances the dishes with fresh and aromatic nuances. Encompassing sustainability, the menu will also feature local Nha Trang lobster, a prized addition to the Resort’s bountiful crustacean selection. With these initiatives, Chef Alex continues to weave his narrative of culinary excellence, global expertise, local wisdom, authentic taste, and sustainable practices.   

NAYUU invites guests to experience a surreal dining journey of refined omakase menus with Chef Alex in two sessions – 5:30 to 7:30 pm and 8:00 to 10:00 pm – from Wednesdays to Sundays. For table reservations, contact +84 235 394 0000 or reserve a seat online from the website.