Five Ways the New Five Elements Bodywork Treatment at The Heart of the Earth Spa Creates Inner and Outer Harmony

Hoi An, Vietnam

Ancient scriptures have long held the belief that the human body – like nature – is composed of five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. Nourishing each of these elements in our body and mind helps us attune to nature’s cycles, leaving us feeling grounded and healthy. All too often, however, our busy lives lead us away from harmony, and our lack of elemental nourishment causes us feeling disconnected with our inner self and the world around us.

That’s where the new Five Elements Bodywork at The Heart of the Earth Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An comes in. Launching December 2022, discover five ways that this full-body treatment soothes stressed souls and balances mind and being.

1. A Natural Combination

Artfully blending stretching, palm effleurage, thumb slide, and knuckling, this full-body treatment harnesses a range of approaches to balance the five elements in the body. Benefits include: increased blood circulation and muscle flexibility; reduced fluid retention, stress and tension; deep relaxation and mental revitalisation – while the whole experience has been crafted to promote optimum inner flow and Earth energy connection.

2. Spa Ingredients Fresh from Mother Earth

Five Elements Bodywork incorporates organically grown, zero-mile ingredients fresh from our herb and vegetable farm to attune body and mind to the elements. To balance the Fire element, a warming hand-made paste of spicy ginger eases pain and tension while inspiring a connection to personal power and strength. Earth and Water elements are stimulated through a footbath of lemongrass, lemon and mint leaves – reducing inflammation, improving circulation and grounding body and mind – boosting the flow and movement of emotion and energy through the body for an optimised sense of freedom and refreshment.

3. Singing Bowls Attuned to Nature

Long renowned for aiding peaceful introspection, our crystal singing bowls are tuned to 432 Hz, the harmonic intonation of nature. Played at the start and end of the Five Elements Bodywork treatment, the resonant tones of the bowls help drift your body and mind into a blissful state of peace.  

4. Tune into Potential

The Metal element is believed to align with intellect, mental intention and connection to universal life force. During Five Elements Bodywork, gem-tipped metal tuning forks create a beautiful subtle vibration that helps to create inner wellbeing – transporting body and mind to future hopes and dreams as the soft notes resonate all around.

5. Release, Rest and Rejuvenate

Working on body, mind and soul, the unique Five Elements Bodywork treatment takes you on a healing journey. The Wood element is all about growth, change and expansion. Traditional Hoi An agarwood is ceremonially burned so that the soft, fragrant smoke helps energise the body’s qi (life-force), balancing the nervous system and invoking a sense of strength. At the end of a blissful 100 minutes, a refreshing cup of ginger tea with fresh pandan leaves gently brings you back to the present and aligned with our emotions with the Water element.

To experience the new Five Elements Bodywork treatment, visit the Heart of the Earth Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, call +84 235 394 0000 or book a treatment via Four Seasons Chat.