Five Ways to Appreciate a Sensory Connection to Central Vietnam with Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai and Sampan Rhum

Hoi An, Vietnam

With a shared passion for crafting sensorial experiences rooted in sustainability, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai and Vietnam’s award-winning Sampan Rhum brand are a match made in epicurean heaven. Created by Distillerie d’Indochine using pure organic locally grown sugarcane – one of Hoi An’s natural treasures – Sampan Rhum is bursting with the delicate flavours of the area. The Nam Hai’s new collaboration takes guests on a fascinating – and delicious! – private distillery visit that includes the chance to blend their rhum with local fruits and spices.

Here are five ways that our unique collaboration with Sampan Rhum is a sensory journey into the authentic flavour, flair and natural beauty of central Vietnam.

1. Discover Local Living Heritage

Founded in 2019, Distillerie d’Indochine is a traditional distillery where passion is poured into every drop. Antoine Pourcuitte, the brand’s French co-founder and master distiller, learned the art of distillation from his grandfather before forging a celebrated career in the wine world. Sampan Rhum blends his family expertise with the age-old heritage of Vietnam’s sugarcane spirit distillation. Set in the Quang Nam region, on the shores of a pristine Bai Tam Binh Duong beach, the distillery is just a few dozen kilometres from the fields where the indigenous yellow “K-vàng” sugar cane is grown – an ancestral variety with a rich heritage that has been lovingly preserved. And it’s just 30 minutes from Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai.

2. Savour Sustainable Craftsmanship

Chiming with The Nam Hai’s deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, Sampan Rhum is carefully crafted with respect for the natural environment. The sugarcane is cultivated without chemicals, using traditional methods of production that preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings. The cane is hand-harvested and pressed in the distillery the next morning, then gently and slowly fermented to bring out its rich flavour and aroma. From white rhums aged for up to thirty-six months to amber rhums aged in ex-cognac barrels, each Sampan creation is an expression of Hoi An’s vibrant beauty, with floral notes and aromatic properties that give the impression of being immersed in a fragrant sugarcane field.

3. Immerse In Authentic Vietnamese Culture

A visit to the Distillerie d’Indochine, set against the extraordinary beauty of Bai Tam Binh Duong beach, takes you into the heart of authentic Vietnamese culture. Combining a fascinating showcase of artisanal rhum distillation with insights into the time-honoured cultivation of sugarcane and its local significance, this experience is a trip into an aspect of Hoi An life that few visitors get to see.

4. Indulge in a Delightful Tipple or Two

Is your mouth watering already? Visiting the Sampan Rhum distillery allows visitors to not only discover the fine art of distillation but to indulge in all its sensory pleasures. Guided tasting sessions – a favourite part of The Nam Hai’s bespoke excursion – are the perfect chance to sample the five varieties of Sampan Rhum. The experience also includes the opportunity to have a go at rhum-blending using local produce such as mangosteen, mango, dragon fruit, coconut and other tropical fruits and spices.

5. Experience A Mindful Connection

Mindful connection is at the heart of our ethos here at The Nam Hai – a concept that is also interwoven into every element of our Distillerie d’Indochine excursion. Talks and tastings underscore the value of working in harmony with nature and preserving traditional Vietnamese ways of life, while rhum sampling and creation tease out subtle flavours and aromas, inviting mindful sensory exploration.  A shared experience brimming with passion, creativity and spirit? We can’t think of a more flavoursome and fun way to enjoy the present moment!

For a full experience of the Sampan Rhum sensory journey, contact +84 235 394 0000 or book the excursion directly on the Resort’s website.