Explore the Art of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China

As in many Four Seasons properties around the world, the Hotel’s art collection reflects the personality of the city and brings the destination to life for guests.  At Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, in line with its luxurious enhancements made to the guest rooms and restaurants in 2022, an art collection has been introduced throughout the Hotel paying homage to the unique cityscape of Hong Kong.

The collection has been carefully curated with the expertise of SOW Art Solutions, a Hong Kong-based art consultancy that specialises in worldwide art sourcing.  They are dedicated to delivering exquisite artworks and installations into spaces, curating art collections, and elevating interiors with a timeless artistic sense of contemporary.

Highlighting the city’s harmonious fusion of cultures from the East and West, the art collection showcases a diverse range of sophisticated and organic art pieces, from traditional Chinese “Shanshui” to contemporary art, waiting to be discovered at Four Seasons:.

Guest Room Floors

  • Tamar Zinn (US) Behind Closed EyesA renowned New York artist, Tamar Zinn has created visually captivating wall art displayed on all guest floors.  The multi-panel paintings beautifully capture the dynamic play of light through minimalist colour fields and airy abstract techniques. They evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere with vibrant colours reminiscent of the four seasons.
  • Kassia Ko (Hong Kong) FLOW Recognised for her meticulous techniques, she infuses traditional Shanshui ink painting with a contemporary twist.  Facing the lift lobby is the ink wash painting titled FLOW, featuring layers of monochrome ink wash that capture the serene movement of the sea and clouds. This artwork seamlessly connects the harmonious ambience of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong with its iconic waterfront location, bringing the mesmerizing view of Victoria Harbour indoors through the power of art.
  • Lidia Buente (Argentina) El Color de la FormaTranslated as “The Colour of Shapes,” the captivating paper collage artworks along the hallway by Lidia Buente enhance the tranquil atmosphere.  The collages serve as a counterpoint with the abstraction of stains, inviting viewers to pause and engage in an emotional dialogue in the search for balance between strength and subtlety.


  • Raku Inoue (Japan) Natura InsectsIn a nod to ARGO’s botanical-themed interior, SOW Art Solutions and the Montreal-based Japanese artist collaborated to create a custom series of paper sculptures featuring living things.  These cut-out pieces are mounted on base structures, forming the shapes of botanical garden creatures.  Alongside these artworks are framed pressed herbarium decors that seamlessly blend into ARGO’s overall interior and create a serene botanical garden ambience.  It offers guests an inner-city oasis to enjoy unique cocktails and unwind from the cosmopolitan hustles.


To embody the sophistication and serenity of Four Seasons, a captivating art installation inspired by the “Tree of Life” takes centre stage in the lobby.  The collection combines greenery and botanical wildlife to bring vibrant harmony to the entrance space.  The unconventional “Gallery Art Tree” is a focal point, sparking curiosity and conversations.  It features frames of mixed media and textures strategically placed around the grand spiral staircase of Four Seasons.

  • Makoto Kagoshima (Japan) Ceramic Art – Japanese artist Makoto Kagoshima's whimsical and heartwarming ceramic artworks are showcased among the art frames. Known for his meticulous freehand design process, Kagoshima creates precious and unique ceramic objects. His ceramics harmonize perfectly with the nature-inspired Gallery Art Tree.
  • Astier de Villatte (France) x John Derian (US) Ceramic Tableware – The centrepiece also showcases exquisite ceramic tableware created through a collaboration with French ceramic house Astier de Villatte and New York designer John Derian.  Derian’s designs draw inspiration from antique imagery of Victorian style, flawlessly complementing the classic glossy white glazed ceramic pieces handmade by Astier de Villatte.  The selected plates are adorned with delicate drawings of garden insects, tying them to the botanical motif.
  • Mitsuo Nishida (Japan) Wrought Iron Sculpture – Amid the houseware charms are lively squirrel sculptures crafted by the Japanese metal craftsman Mitsuo Nishida.  Nishida, founder of the esteemed wrought iron workshop PAGE ONE, is recognized for his exceptional skills and has been invited as a workshop master in Japan and various European countries.  The bespoke squirrel sculptures exemplify Nishida's unwavering dedication to wrought-iron craftsmanship, highlighting his talent and expertise.
  • Mosscape (Singapore) Preserved Plants – Completing the artistic ambience of the Gallery Art Tree, Singapore's renowned biophilic interior design studio Mosscape has adorned the space with stunning evergreen preserved plants. These thoughtfully placed plants bring the vitality of nature into the lobby café, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.